Uploading large files to Google Drive

This is Google's online storage service. Having thrown it too quickly, the synchronization and upload service of large files is quite poor.

But because it's Google, it will grow and it's not a bad idea for anyone to make their change from Google Docs to Google Drive.

To date, no one removes the privilege DropBox, which in terms of load and sync is a wonder, with space limiting.

An 45MB file may take up to two hours to load on Google Drive, and the sync does not send a signal as it goes. Let's not say a 300 MB file.

Right now that I'm preparing the AutoCAD 2013 Course, which I will be able to download, I have seen as one of the two discs of the course which includes 14 300 MB partitions have been uploaded in Dropbox in a span of 54 minutes, while in Google Drive it has been a two night calamity to climb a couple of files.

While Google improves that, here's a trick to solve the slowness of Google Drive:


This is a synchronization service between online storage accounts, which exaggerates in a positive way what we could expect:

You can link not only Google Drive / Docs accounts, but also Dropbox, SugarSync, Basecamp, Evernote, Box and Salesforce.

google dropbox drive

The application of Crhome, which allows running processes efficiently and in the background, is very practical. When you open Google Drive you will see a vertical window of Dropbox, so from here you can manage the contents stored in both spaces.

To join this service, just use the Google user and then drag the services we want to include. In this case I selected Dropbox and Google Drive.

Once linked, you can do between an account and other things like Move, CopyAlso Download including viewing. To my surprise, an 45 MB file I copied from DropBox to Google Drive in just 43 seconds.

There are different plans, but for basic purposes, the free version is sufficient. During 15 days you can enjoy the Premium version as a test.

google dropbox drive

Then sync between the Dropbox account and Google Drive, over 9 GB with files larger than a GB, an hour and minutes.

I copied 9 files from 300 MB each, from Dropbox to Google Drive, and it raised a message to me: "The routine that has executed will take more than two minutes, however it will be working in the background, when it finishes we will send you an email". In fact a few minutes later I got the message that the copy had been made.

Maybe they are rustic examples of what I have tried, but it really has potential this service.

So, I recommend registering. Not only to get this benefit, but also because this may be the service we use to download the 2013 AutoCAD Course that can be downloaded next week, by section, by chapter and the entire course.

Register on CloudHQ

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  1. If you had read the article in 2007, when it was written, with what was Google Drive at that moment, you might think differently.

  2. Spectacular, all right, I think I'll use it. GREAT ENTRY Thank you!

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