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SuperMap GIS Raised Heated Discussion in Multiple Countries

On November 22nd, the SuperMap GIS Innovation and Application Workshop was held in Kenya, marking the end of SuperMap International overseas tour in 2023. SuperMap is one of the leading software manufacturers that focuses on GIS and Geospatial Intelligence (GI). In the activity, officials from the Directorate of Resource Surveys and Remote Sensing (DRSRS), the land planning department, and other local authorities, as well as experts from universities and business representatives attended the workshop in Nairobi. Centering around topics including GIS and remote sensing integration, GIS talent education, forest management, cadastral management, wildlife protection, and climate change, speakers shared their insights, arousing heated discussion among more than 100 attendees on site.

A review of SuperMap's overseas tour in 2023

To better connect with the overseas GIS community, SuperMap organizes overseas tours every year, building platforms for GIS experts to discuss the latest developments in GIS technologies and industry trends, as well as how GIS can empower local development. This year, SuperMap overseas tours entered five countries—the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, and Kenya.

In the Philippines session which was held in Manila, SuperMap built a new partnership with RASA Surveying and Realty, a leading local surveying company. Manila Vice-Mayor Yul Servo Nieto and around 200 guests including local government officials, university professors, and local GIS experts presented at the activity. They witnessed the building of the new partnership. The event helped improve the awareness of the significance of GIS in promoting a city’s development.

Manila Vice-Mayor Yul Servo Nieto promised in his speech that his city would soon be utilizing GIS technologies, saying that it would be “in the next months or years”.

The Philippines Session

In the Indonesia session which centered around the theme of geospatial intelligence and sustainable economic development in Indonesia, Dr. Agung Indrajit, Head of Indonesia’s Development Planning Data and Information Center BAPPENAS, and more than 200 industry experts, scholars, and ecological partners gathered together. They shared relevant ideas, technological progress, and practical applications centering around geospatial intelligence and hot topics in various industries. Dr. Song Guanfu, Chairman of the Board of SuperMap, attended the conference and delivered an opening speech. He said that Indonesia, one of Southeast Asia's largest economies, has a rich cultural heritage, diverse ecosystems, and dynamic landscapes, providing unique application scenarios for GIS applications. SuperMap hopes that GIS technology could create more practical application results and empower local economic development.


The Indonesian session

In the Thailand session which focused on the geospatial intelligence empowering smart cities in Thailand, speakers shared insights about industry applications such as satellite technology research and application, smart city construction in Thailand, GIS solutions in Indonesia, and so on. SuperMap also built a partnership with Mahanakorn University of Technology (MUT) at the session. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Panavy Pookaiyaudom, President of MUT said that the cooperation with SuperMap would be an important milestone in the development history of both parties. Working together, they would make innovations to achieve high-quality results, providing strong momentum for the development of smart cities in Thailand.

Thailand session

In Mexico, the first SuperMap GIS International Forum in Latin America was held in Mexico City, the capital of the country. Jaime Martínez, Member of the Morena Party (El diputado Jaime Martínez del Partido Morena), Professor Clemencia of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Professor Yazmin at the Technological University of México, and more than 120 government officials, business executives, and university teachers participated in the summit. SuperMap showcased its capabilities in geospatial intelligence and digital twin and the latest developments in SuperMap 3D GIS. The attendees had a lively discussion on the application of GIS in the fields of cadastres, coal mines, and smart cities. As agreed by the experts present at the forum, the development of Mexico represents great opportunities for GIS application. The discussion at the forum is about how to promote the construction of smart cities, smart cadastres, smart mining, private security, etc. Through GIS innovation will inject new ideas into the development of GIS and related industries in Mexico.

The Mexico session

A technology system and a bunch of overseas application cases

Established in 1997, SuperMap has become the largest GIS software manufacturer in Asia and the 3nd in the world. Through research and development, SuperMap has formed its technology system—the BitDC system, which consists of Big Data GIS, AI GIS, 100D GIS, Distributed GIS, and Cross-Platform GIS. Over the past years, SuperMap has brought GIS software products and customized services including GIS training and consulting, customized GIS software, and GIS application expansion to users in over XNUMX countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America, covering a wide range of fields including surveying and mapping, land use and cadastre, energy and electricity, transportation and logistics, smart city, construction engineering, resources and environment, and emergency rescue and public security and so on.

For example, in the mining industry, the smart mining solution proposed by SuperMap can not only solve the problem of slow operation of software caused by large amounts of data brought by various sensors and GPS equipment in traditional mining management, but can also provide 2D map services and 3D scene services, enabling a wide range of applications like mining volume calculation, mine data display both online and offline, daily data management information dashboard, 3D scene display exploration, excavation, and transportation of mines and so on.

SuperMap’s smart mining solution has already helped PT Pamapersada Nusantara (PAMA), a leading mining company in Indonesia to realize intelligent management of its open-pit coal mine. The GeoMining system created by SuperMap uses geographic intelligence to empower decision-making, monitoring, approval, information visualization, and other aspects of mining operations. The solution has greatly helped reduce the time taken for process approval, and guaranteed the safety of mining and production activities, thereby reducing labor costs and time costs, and increasing profits.

Real-time monitoring of mining conditions in open-pit mines

Except for the mining industry, SuperMap’s smart solutions also help Indonesian people relieve their transportation troubles and make more informed choices when taking commute routes. Indonesia has more than 17000 islands, among which only Java Island has a complete transportation system so far, but people in Jakarta suffer from traffic jams and pollution in their daily life due to the complex transportation system. To make local people’s commute more convenient and comfortable, SuperMap developed the JPAI transportation system which can recommend the route that satisfies users’ requirements using various algorithms.

The JPAI system user interface

In the field of smart cities, SuperMap has some user cases as well. The SmartPJ project was launched in 2016 in Malaysia to integrate GIS as the central technology for cohesive planning and development efforts. SuperMap was selected as the preferred GIS platform for this initiative. The Smart Response dashboard includes details on the number of complaints received from residents and will show summary statistics related to the complaints. It supports streaming live CCTV footage in real-time, enhancing surveillance capabilities and enabling authorities to monitor critical areas effectively. It also supports real-time data display and updates. Charts, tables, and maps automatically refresh to reflect the most up-to-date information. By providing various data display functions and real-time information, the platform helps authorities make informed decisions thus promoting the building of smart cities in Malaysia.

A robust partnership ecosystem behind the global network

SuperMap's strenght not only comes from its technological power but also relies on a strong global partner network. SuperMap has put great emphasis on building partnerships during its course of development, and so far, it has distributors and partners scattered in over 50 countries.

Here you can learn more about SuperMap

Here you can download the SuperMap product

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