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AUTOCAD200 Arcgis200
  • Download AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD Blocks
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Tricks with AutoCAD
  • Integration with Excel
  • Integration with GIS
  • Training and manuals
  • Other AutoDesk products
  • About AutoCAD

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  • How to do it with ArcGIS
  • ArcView Extensions
  • Comparison with others
  • ArcGIS Manuals
  • About ESRI
  • Integration with CAD
  • Integration with Google

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Googleearth200 Microstation200
  • Download Images
  • Georeferencing images
  • Integrate with GIS
  • Integrate with CAD
  • Precision of Google Earth
  • Similar Programs
  • Applications
  • Image Updates

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  • Tricks for Cadastre
  • Tricks with Microstation
  • Integration with Excel
  • Integration with GIS
  • Training and manuals
  • Other Bentley products
  • About Microstation
  • Conferences and events

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Manifold200 Gis200
  • Construction of data
  • Comparison with others
  • How to do it
  • Publication of data
  • About Manifold GIS
  • Training and manuals
  • Articles where it is mentioned

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Gvsig200 Cartography200
  • How to do it with gvSIG
  • Comparison with others
  • About gvSIG
  • Training and seminars
  • Articles where it is mentioned
  • Using gvSIG

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Catastro200 ingenieria200
  • Tricks with technologies
  • Cadastral techniques
  • Training and manuals
  • General topics
  • Lifting and equipment

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Innovations200 internet200
 Topography200  GPS and EQUIPMENT
  • Surveying using AutoCAD
  • Surveying using Microstation
  • Topography and GIS
  • Google Earth
  • Surveying manuals and courses

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  • GPS reviews
  • Total Stations
  • Equipment Comparison
  • Use of GPS on mobile
  • Manuals and courses
  • Articles about GPS

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15 Replies to "INDEX OF CONTENTS"

  1. Good evening, you could inform me where I can get layers of rivers and roads of Honduras. Or they are from the fate pages as well and from the geoportal of the ICF.



  3. I want to let you know that you have mistakenly taken as public a private passage located in Calle Pedro Echagüe Oeste N ° 149 and that communicates with Calle Sarmiento Norte where there is a privacy gate, this site is located in the city of San Juan - Capital of the Province of San Juan, Argentine Republic. The fact that it does not have a gate on said Pedro Echagüe street does not indicate that it is public. Therefore, I request that the necessary precautions be taken first to find out if what I am saying is true and if it is, I request that the images of circulation be deleted.

  4. How to convert a list of decimal geographic coordinates to utm

  5. You should be more specific.
    In general you would have to assign coordinate system,
    Then you would have to move it to a known reference point, and rotate it if required.

    Write to us editor (at) geofumadas. Com and we will explain more in detail.

  6. How can I refer a dxf file that is not in coordinates in a proper frame of coordinates? I think with microstation it's easier ... but I do not know how ..

  7. I have a query, as I do to detect the wrong dimension values ​​with respect to the level curve value.

  8. In case you are talking about the Honduran legislation:

    -Suppose they start an urban cadastral survey within two years: what values ​​will they apply? If they have values ​​and have not agreed, they would have to apply 100%.

    What they should take care of is the possible repairs of the Superior Court of Accounts, which, if they do not show an agreement that the securities were entered into, could require them to charge 100%.
    The agreement plays a role, so that the impact is not very high, when the cadastre is technified.

    The other aspect, is what kind of stock catalog is the one they claim to have ?. Is it of buildings, with current prices? Does it include urban land values? Does it include rural land values ​​and permanent crops?

    If they are newly prepared catalogs, with updated values. Applying them to 100% would have a negative impact, because people, if they are only used to paying by affidavit, or have simply never paid, will feel a strong blow. This instead of benefiting, will increase the default, because people will only come to the municipality to see when they have to pay, and when they know the value it will only go around.

    So, what to arrange is necessary. Both to support before the TSC the act of open council, as well as to cushion the impact of technification.


  9. In some Municipalities we have catalogs of five-year 2015-2019 values, however there is no Urban technical cadastral survey, it will be correct for the Cadastre Department to initiate processes of agreement of these values ​​or what will be the best step to take, in Rural there are as 30% of technical survey, what to do in such situation.

  10. Good morning, the company in which I work, is interested in acquiring a drone, with multispectral and photogrammetric cameras, including the software for flight planning and image analysis, which allow the inspection of crops and livestock through the use of UAV ´s to know in real time the status of the different farms with a view to improving their efficiency, evaluating the control of pests and species and the quality of irrigation.

    I would like to have your proposal

  11. they have some routine that identifies in a drawing cad the intersection of lines or polilineas either Autocad or MicroStation.
    Thank you

  12. Hello
    I generate a google hearth kml file with utm coordinates (20 points) and an identifier for each coordinate, ID8L980G 20.408165 -99.36207333 (identifier, latitude, longitude), the kml file is generated in utm 8L980G zone 14 Q 462223.62 m E 2256691.52 But when converting it to dwg autocad it gives me two different data on the one hand the identifier and on the other hand it gives me the points, what is happening ??????

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