BIM 4D course - using Navisworks

We welcome you to the environment of Naviworks, Autodesk's collaborative work tool, designed for the management of construction projects.

When we manage building and plant construction projects, we must edit and review many types of files, ensure that the various disciplines work together, and unify data to make powerful presentations. With Autodesk Navisworks you can do this and much more.

In this course you will learn how to do collaborative reviews of files from Revit, Autocad, Civil 3D, Plant3D and many other software, all within Naviworks. We will teach you to take virtual tours of the models and create construction simulations. You will learn how to do cross-discipline interference checks and create photorealistic images of the unified model.

What will you learn

  • Work collaboratively in BIM teams
  • Get tools for inspection and editing of multi-disciplinary BIM files
  • Add interactive virtual tours to your project presentation
  • Render environments from various programs
  • Create runtime simulations in 4D
  • Run interference tests between multi-disciplinary models

Previous requirements

  • It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge

Who is this course for:

  • architects
  • engineers
  • Professionals related to the design and construction of works

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