ETABS Course for Structural Engineering - Level 2

Analysis and design of earthquake resistant buildings: with CSI ETABS software

The objective of the course is to provide the participant with the basic and advanced tools of the modeling program, the Design of the structural elements of the building will be reached, in addition the building will be analyzed based on the detailed plans, using the most powerful tool of the market in the development of structural software projects CSI ETABS Ultimate

In this project the structural calculation of a real building of 8 levels for housing type use will be carried out, with the incorporation of the ladder in the model and elevator, comparison of results (Cutting walls) between a modeling system with embedding in the base (EMP), and a modeling system with soil structure interaction (ISE), together with the soil structure interaction, the Foundation Slab of the building with the software will be calculated CSI ETABS Ultimate

In addition, the details of the Structural elements (Cutting Walls and Foundation Slab) will be reached in the software costs. AUTOCAD.

What will you learn

  • They will be able to develop a Slab Project for the foundation of a building
  • Detail the plans of a foundation slab

Pre requirements

  • Have seen the 1 part of the course: Earthquake-resistant Design on Cutting Walls with ETABS 17.0.1

Who is the course for?

  • Students and Professionals with interest in Structural Engineering

More information

The course is also available in Spanish

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