Revit MEP Course for Electrical Systems

This AulaGEO course teaches the use of Revit to model, design and calculate electrical systems. You will learn to work in collaboration with other disciplines related to the design and construction of buildings.

During the development of the course we will pay attention to the necessary configuration within a Revit project to be able to execute electrical calculations. We'll show you how to work with circuits, boards, voltage types, and electrical distribution systems. You will learn how to extract circuit data and create dashboard views that balance design loads. Finally, they will show you how to create detailed reports for electrical parts, conductors and pipes.

What will students learn in your course?

  • Model, design and compute electrical systems of buildings.
  • Work collaboratively on multidisciplinary projects
  • Correctly configure Revit projects for electrical systems
  • Perform lighting analysis
  • Create circuits and wiring diagrams.
  • Work with electrical connectors
  • Extract metric calculations from the electrical model
  • Extract design reports

Are there any requirements or prerequisites for the course?

  • Be familiar with the Revit environment
  • Revit 2020 or higher is required to open exercise files.

 Who are your target students?

  • BIM managers
  • BIM modelers
  • Electrical engineers

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