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PLM Congress 2023 is just around the corner!

We're happy to hear what you're planning. Computer Aided Engineering (IAC), who have announced the next PLM Congress 2023, an online event that will bring together experts and professionals from the product lifecycle management industry. This activity will take place from November 15 to 16 and will offer a series of high-level conferences focusing on the latest trends and advances in the manufacturing industry at a national and international level.

The PLM Congress 2023 will present a wide range of topics of relevance to the industry, addressing key issues such as Digital Asset Performance Management (DPM), Cloud Product Lifecycle Management, Product Design Automation and its Molds (SIMEX), CFD Fluid Simulation, Reverse Engineering for Mechanical Parts, ISDX Complex Shape Design, Nonlinear Simulation and Digital Prototyping, and Augmented Reality for Maintenance and Training.

This event represents a unique opportunity for engineers, designers, project managers and industry professionals to stay up to date with the latest trends in PLM with the participation of prominent speakers and experts from the manufacturing sector, who will share their knowledge and experiences. with the attendees.

Among the topics on the planned agenda are:

Digital Asset Performance Management (DPM)

Learn practical concepts for using information generated by machines and plant systems to reduce production times, increase billing and reduce costs. Connect your equipment and systems through IoT and other connection systems.

Cloud Product Lifecycle Management

Learn practical concepts related to how the product lifecycle management system (3DEXPERIENCE) can strengthen your competitive advantage. Additionally, as a cloud-based PLM system it allows for rapid implementation.

Automation of product and mold design – SIMEX

Learn how Simex reduced product and mold design times from 5 days to 5 minutes based on design automation and the use of best practices.

CFD Fluid Simulation

Learn applicable concepts about how computational analysis of fluids and thermal performance of your products has the potential to accelerate your innovation processes and strengthen your competitive advantages.

Reverse Engineering for mechanical parts

Learn applicable concepts about the advantages of Reverse Engineering to improve the design of existing products, substitute imports and digitize the knowledge that your company has generated based on traditional methods.

ISDX Complex Shape Design

Learn the applicable concepts about modeling complex shapes with highly flexible design tools aimed at improving the specifications of your products and reducing development time.

Nonlinear simulation and digital prototyping

Discover applicable concepts of nonlinear finite element analysis to reduce the number of physical prototypes necessary in the development and validation process of your products.

Augmented reality for maintenance and training

Learn how to take advantage of your 3D models to take training, operation and maintenance processes to the next level, based on Augmented Reality and IoT.

Event details:
• Date: Wednesday, November 15 and Thursday, November 16.
• Modality: Online
• Registration: Free

Don't miss the opportunity to participate in this exceptional event. Register today at https://www.iac.com.co/congreso-plm/

For more information about PLM Congress 2023, including the full program and speaker list, visit our website.

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