More videos for Civil 3D, AutoCAD Map and Revit

... of the best, after AUGI MexCA went to maintenance ...

Some time ago I did a review of AUGI in its tropical chapter, with a valuable amount of resources for users of technologies of AutoCAD Civil3D and Map. Unfortunately, the page went into maintenance more than a year ago, an update that we have been waiting for and will surely arrive in a couple of months.

Civil 3d roads volumes To fill that gap I am doing a fairly similar review to a similar content site. This is CAD Forum, promoted by CADStudio, with a slight disadvantage for our context because the traffic that the mixture of English and Czech has makes the content unfriendly for Spanish-speaking users. I have tried to put an approximation of what the contents relate although for learning purposes it is a little less than enough to see the videos.

Most content can be viewed without entering, but the forum and some videos require to be registered, an issue that takes only a minute; those in Flash format can be viewed online, others in avi format should be downloaded. 

Videos for Engineering using AutoDesk Civil 3D

  1. Fundamentals of Surface Modeling
  2. Terrain model, various tools
  3. 3D terrain model from points
  4. Road designCivil 3d roads volumes
  5. Dynamic change in longitudinal profile
  6. Standards for road design
  7. Vertical Curves in a Profile View
  8. Profile plant templates
  9. Corridor from an alignment
  10. Cutting and filling volumes of slopes
  11. Volumes and slopes of a surface
  12. Urbanizations, details and subdivision of parcels
  13. Hydrosanitary design, pipesCivil 3d roads volumes
  14. Pipelines, collision dynamics
  15. Pipes, something else ... 
  16. Topography in reverse, from a field notebook
  17. Replacement of subset
  18. Exporting a terrain model to Google Earth
  19. Plex.Earth working on AutoCAD Civil 3D
  20. Tagging 2D points to 3D using TXT2ZC
  21. Use of templates ... HTU
  22. HEC-RAS, water flow modeling
  23. Working with data imported from HEC-RAS
  24. ITraffic engineering Dynamite VSP
  25. Traffic demarcation in 2.0

Videos for AutoCAD Map

  1. AutoCAD Map 2009, operating with WMS layersCivil 3d roads volumes
  2. AutoCAD Map, operating with WFS data
  3. Import and styles with SHP files
  4. Creation of the topology from nodes and boundaries
  5. Fast recovery of shape files with FDO
  6. Creating and Using Print Templates Using Topobase
  7. Topobase - Surface / client edition
  8. Topobase - search data using / web client
  9. Topobase - review and print / web client

In addition there are a good amount of videos using AutoCAD, Inventor y Revit.

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