Another Year Another Milestone Another Extraordinary Experience….that’s YII2019 for Me!

When they told me that I would have another chance to be part of the biggest Infrastructure event of the year, it made me scream with joy. YII2018 in London, beyond being one of my favorite vacation destinations, was a phenomenal experience with exceptional interviews with the top executives of Bentley Systems, Topcon and others, dynamic conferences and highly informed sessions. Bentley Systems has revived the concept of "digital twins" and what better way to witness the revolution in the construction industry than to be with the makers themselves. The infrastructure mecca had brought together the intellectual leaders of almost every industry and the exchange of knowledge, networks and collaboration that happened was beyond words.

I was at the right place to fuel my passion for construction writing! From digital advancement academies to use cases, I wanted to capture everything in my memory and then convert into a unique story. Filled with knowledge, once back, I could create some compelling write-ups for my readers. The desire to meet the stalwarts of the construction industry the next year was alive and kicking, more so because Singapore is so close to home. With just a 5h 55 m flight duration, I couldn’t miss it!

Comes October 20, 2019 and I was in the magnificent Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. As I explored the one of its kind Rooftop Infinity Pool area, the excitement of the days ahead doubled. The architectural marvel is a small city in in itself with a shopping arcade, expo center, nightclub, casino, food court and what not…

The much awaited Media day of YII2019 began on the pleasant morning of October 21. The highly energetic Press Conference revealed important news such as:

Geofumadas has attended this event for 11 consecutive years, in my case it is the second and first time as part of the TwinGeo / Geofumadas magazine. Speed Interviews with the senior executives of Bentley Systems was an exhilarating experience that broadened my knowledge around Digital Twins, Geotechnical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Digital Cities and a lot more…

Networking, connecting with old and new friends over lunch and tea breaks made every moment enjoyable and I captured the essence of the day in a tweet which became a popular one :) .

The happening day came to an end with an exquisite dinner hosted at the mesmerizing Clifford Pier at the Fullerton Bay Hotel.

The following days, October 22, 23 & 24 through engaging ACCELERATE sessions, Industry briefings, helped me delve deep into the world of Digital Twins. Being always inclined to know how the things are actually getting applied to and bringing change in the real world, use cases & finalist presentations kept me hooked. The night of YIIAwards with its glamour and smiles needs a special mention.

The major announcements made at the event were:

By Shimonti Paul, Consulting Editor, TwinGeo

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