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From the Vice Presidency of Bentley for Latin America, Alfredo Castejón communicates us in the first edition in this communication format:

Bentley systems 1We inaugurate a new stage in the communication with our Users through this newsletter at a time in the history of Bentley that we will remember for many years. It is a time when the word we hear most often is "Connected" (or, CONNECTED). The meaning of this word will be assimilated in different dimensions and in different contexts. On this occasion, we introduce the word on the stage that receives our Bentley CONNECT Edition.

As the weeks pass, the implications of pushing the concept of being Connected Users, working on Connected Projects and between Connected Companies will become more and more obvious; As well as the impact that this moment will have in our history.

I invite you to learn by all available means the innovations offered by this edition of our products. As this happens, we approach our summit event: The Year in Infrastructure 2015 Conference, In which we will once again witness the amazing progress in Infrastructure Projects.

In this brief introduction I repeat what I have said on several occasions: every time a Latin American Engineer does not attend this event, a great learning opportunity for the Territory is lost. I urge the Latin American Community to make the corresponding effort to participate in this unique event. In the same way, I hope that the work they are doing at the moment in their projects will generate the necessary material to boost their participation in the 2016 Edition.
I take the opportunity to greet our Users and wish them success in their Projects.

Alfredo Castrejón
VP - Latin America
Bentley Systems, Inc.

ProjectWise: Professional Projects under Construction

Bentley systems 2Meet in this Illustrative video how to improve the delivery of construction projects by improving communication between work teams using ProjectWise, the collaboration system designed by Bentley Systems to revolutionize the delivery of engineering projects:
To learn more about ProjectWise

The CONNECT Edition: Test the Future

Bentley systems 3Bentley recently launched CONNECT Edition, a common platform for project delivery in infrastructure operations. The launch took place with a series of events around the world, in Latin America the event took place in Mexico City,Meet in this video how was the release of Bentley's CONNECT Edition.
The release included new versions of MicroStation and Navigator, be among the first to try these new versions and experiment with them with our introductory program. See here how to do it.

Get to know the free Bentley apps that are within your reach

Bentley systems 4Discover the free apps offered by Bentley Systems for users as well as professionals in architecture, engineering and construction. Find here A range of apps for your mobile devices, Microsoft Windows users or Revit users to help you simplify day-to-day processes in your infrastructure projects.

The Year In Infrastructure 2015 Conference

Bentley systems 5The Year in Infrastructure 2015 Conference in London Comes As every year hundreds of infrastructure professionals will attend for part of the presentations and workshops on technology and industry that are taught there, as well as attend hundreds of projects from around the world that are exposed there . You can also join us in London
Learn more here
Bentley also boasts the most outstanding projects of its users in an annual book that emphasizes innovation, vision, quality and productivity: The Infrastructure Yearbook
You can see last year's edition here

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