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  • Pandemic

    The future is today! Many of us have understood that by going through various types of circumstances as a result of this Pandemic. Some think or even plan a return to "normality", while for others this reality we live in is...

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  • Geomoments - Emotions and Location in a single app

    What is Geomoments? The fourth industrial revolution has filled us with great technological advances and the integration of tools and solutions to achieve a more dynamic and intuitive space for the inhabitant. We know that all mobile devices (phones…

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  • Kanbanflow - a good application to control pending tasks

      Kanbanflow, is a productivity tool that can be used through the browser or on mobile devices, it is widely used in remote labor relations, that is, freelance type; with it the organizations or working groups…

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  • Steps to track a cell phone

    Taking into account the importance of cell phones today in our daily lives, we tend to take care of them like any other child, from buying covers, tempered glass for screen protection, rings on the back for the…

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  • Venezuela Crisis - Blog 23.01.2019

    Yesterday, at 11 pm my brothers went out to protest, I told them to please go up to the house, but my sister replied – what am I going to do at home? I'm hungry, the only thing in the fridge...

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  • Augmented or virtual reality? Which is better to present a project? 

    The way of presenting projects has undergone a significant transformation, thanks to the digitization of the industry and the application of new technologies. And it was a matter of time before these advances also reached the structures sector.…

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  • Skrill - an alternative to Paypal

    Technological progress has allowed human beings to communicate from anywhere, and according to their skills or professions, it is possible to offer all kinds of services on platforms such as Freelancer, Workana or Fiver, which have allies...

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  • Rincón del Vago: Those resources that got us out of trouble once

    It is often said that the student period is the most relaxed and the best of all the periods in the life of a human being. It is that period of life when one lives carefree, without the need to think so much...

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  • Geofumadas invites you to know the online publications on the IGN Spain portal!

    Previous: Dealing with everything related to geography and the development of cartography in each country has generated the creation of government agencies that are in charge of this important task. In some cases depending on the Ministry…

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  • Choosing a provider for bulk mail - personal experience

    The objective of any commercial initiative that makes a presence on the Internet is always and always will be to generate value. This applies both for a large company that has a website, which hopes to translate visitors into sales, and for a blog that…

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  • 4 Tips to Succeed on Twitter - Top40 Geospatial September 2015

    Twitter is here to stay, especially the growing dependence on the Internet by users in everyday use. It is estimated that by 2020, 80% of users will connect to the Internet from mobile devices. No matter your field,...

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  • 25,000 maps worldwide available for download

    The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection is an impressive collection containing over 250,000 maps that have been scanned and made available online. Most of these maps are in the public domain, and for now…

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  • Cold numbers from the Top 40 Geospatial on Twitter

    In another time we did not believe that the activity of a Twitter account could become very important. But in a world where we drown in oceans of content, the three hours of life of a Tweet becomes…

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  • What happened to the Top40 Geospatial on Twitter

    Six months ago we reviewed almost forty twitter accounts, within a list we called Top40. Today we make an update on this list, to see what has happened between May 22 and the end of December…

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  • UPSOCL - A place for inspiration

    Its interface is simple, with no sidebars, no ads, just a search form and an almost invisible menu with five categories. It is the site of Spanish-speaking origin UPSOCL, dedicated to sharing things that are important to the…

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  • The Top 40 Geospatial Twitter

    Twitter has come to replace much of the monitoring that we used to do through traditional feeds. It is questionable why this has happened, but perhaps one reason is the efficiency of breaking news from mobile phones and the possibility…

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  • BlogPad - WordPress Editor for iPad

    I've finally found an editor that I'm happy with since the iPad. Despite WordPress being the dominant blogging platform, where there are high-quality templates and plugins, the difficulty of finding a good editor has always been…

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  • Postgis maps

    CartoDB, the best for creating online maps

    CartoDB is one of the most interesting applications developed for creating attractive online maps in a very short time. Mounted on PostGIS and PostgreSQL, ready to use, it is one of the best I have seen... and it is a...

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