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Finally I found an editor with whom I am satisfied from the iPad.

Despite being WordPress the dominant blogging platform, where there are high-quality templates and plugins, the difficulty of finding a good editor has always been a problem. For desktop I still can't find something.

I tried BlogPress, WordPress for iOS, Blog Docs, and I had just come to terms with Blogsy, Although I ended up going to this one only for emergent cases because it always occupied to make adjustments from the online publisher.

In one of the great coincidences, I came across BlogPad and I can say with certainty, that it does almost everything that a WordPress fan occupies to devote to his business.Blogpad

What makes BlogPad Pro the best editor for WordPress

Perhaps the strength of Blogsy is its worst weakness, because by supporting multiple platforms (Blogger, Tumblr, Joomla, TypePad, etc), it makes the attention to so many changes limit high efficiency. I remember that I gave up after every time I updated WordPress I had to edit a line of the xmlrpc file, and when I reported it they would send me a message

 Over there they say this solves it ...

Being able to make the change in the next version of the application.

BlogPad only works for WordPress, be it the hosted sites or on, and in the case of the xmlrpc I don't know how they will have done it, because the toy has a supreme ability to search and solve it, even if it is in another location. Also due to the fact that it is only for WordPress, it has made it easier for them to implement the priority functionalities very quickly, which should not be easy for Blogs and that must make a change and deal with finding how it does not affect other platforms.

Another of the great advantages of BlogPad is the common sense of how to do the functionalities. That was a problem with Blogsy, who in their crazy way of wanting to impress, they had strange things, like a single click to edit images, drag with two fingers to go from graphic editor to code ... it was very easy to break the content into a bad move fingers. Time made them resort to buttons and easy access but that represented inconsistency and waste of time. It is good to innovate, but user interfaces "are user", as long as they do not require a manual or hidden tricks, they will be appreciated.

These are some functionalities that in these three days, I have verified that I like BlogPad:

  • The spelling checker.  Ipad ipadIt allows you to configure a different spelling language with an interface language, touching a misspelled word raises a selection of possible words, and the checker makes a Microsoft Word-like tour, showing suggestions to replace individual, replace everything and add to the dictionary. It supports spelling for several languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and various versions of English. It also supports characters very well, other applications keep them in marker code and when wanting to edit them from WordPress online they become impossible to handle, even though they are correctly visible in the publication.
  • The WYSIWYG editor. This term means What You See Is What You Get, I remember it since Windows came to replace DOS and pursues the idea of ​​working on the go without surprises when printing or publishing (what you see is what you get) .For this BlogPad has the buttons that anyone who used Microsoft Word knows: bullets, tab indentation, font styles, aligned, numerals, etc.
    But in addition to this I love a button for the line break that we did with Alt + enter, very practical when we want to follow a new paragraph inside the same vignette; Also has a button to create much needed tables.

    When selecting a word, the possible options appear in the menu: copy, paste, bold, style, including the definition in the dictionary of our selection.
    To create hyperlinks, allows you to search for content within the blog. This is great.
    In general, the usability is very well worked; The paste cleans the format without having to choose a special paste, not because it does not occupy another, but because it is what a blogger requires.

  • The image manager. Ipad wordpressIt can be inserted from the tablet, live take, url, Dropbox or Google Drive. But the best thing is in the possibility of choosing the size, which can be left in high resolution with a hyperlink or the application converts it to the chosen size. The alignment support is very good, something that fails with other applications. It would not be bad if the application included a Clipping functionality that for now it does not have.
    It also allows you to choose which image will be highlighted. I remember that I wanted to leave Live Writter to Microsoft Word and this inconvenience was enough to discard it.
In general the application is very good. Apart from controlling the entries, from the side menu you can access pages, images, categories, tags, even filter by these criteria. You can view comments, edit, change status or reply; functionalities that in practice provide us with routines that can only be done by entering WordPress ... although it also has access to the dashboard.
For blogs hosted on it generates the statistics of the Jetpack Plugin. Note that this is not supported on hosted blogs and can generate a remote connection problem with xmlrpc.php.
And as an editor for offline work it's well thought out. It is interesting how it has separate options to edit content and edit settings, so you do not have to open the entry to control aspects such as categories, tags, featured image, publication status, slug, extract, etc. In that same button in the corner are the most common accesses: publish, update to or from what has been published, delete and preview.
In addition, the configurations are broad with regard to:
  • Number of contents available disconnected,
  • Frequency of self-saved,
  • Default media content size,
  • Maximum image sizes,
  • Default font size
In conclusion, a great app. I would have paid more than the $ 4.99 it costs if I had known everything it does. Almost enough for a blog writer to go into business:  write.
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