Wattio: Intelligent consumption of electricity in the home


Microsiervos has published an article recently, where it refers to a project to save energy and money for a home.
Despite being a new project, it is really interesting; And if what they say is true ... it could change our way of seeing energy.

This topic has always caught my attention. I remember that with my son we made a scientific fair project in the fifth grade. It was a house in miniature, with real environments inside. Its construction was humble, the box of a Kodak printer that by the way came out defective, the roof the box of pizza on Sunday, and inside toys of lego served as furniture. With good taste, acrylic paint and the desire to win made it look spectacular.

The life of the experiment was in the lighting and installations. With wires we had a line of switches on the ceiling where we showed:

How much could be saved; if we used the iron once a week, if instead of heating water in the shower we used a heater, if we eliminated lighting with some vents in the ceiling ... and each switch went off the different lights of the house.

Finally the project won the first place, and it was a pain to destroy it because there was no where to store it.

Well, Wattio is still in fundraising under the model of microfinaización, however once it is ready offer:

  • Save energy, 10%, 25%, 50%, it's up to us!
  • End the standby, which represents about 10% of electricity consumption.
  • Compare the consumption of our home with other households.
  • Receive reports on our energy consumption in the mail.
  • Control your thermostat and other devices from our mobile.
  • Set up calendars for our gadgets.
  • Schedule actions and alerts in our gadgets.
  • Set goals and follow up.
  • Receive feedback and tips to save energy.
  • Simulate presence at home when we are away, just like in the movie "Home Alone"!

And all this is possible thanks to these devices connected to each other and to which we can access through the Internet:


  • Electricity monitor.
  • Placed in the electrical panel, it measures the consumption in real time of three circuits.
  • It serves to compare the consumption of your house with other houses.
  • You can send alarms if unusual behaviors occur.
  • No tools required for installation.


  • Touch control unit to place in any place you want inside: on the wall, on a table ...
  • It is a mini-computer that works with Linux.
  • It is the gateway that connects the devices of the Wattio system with the services in the cloud.
  • It has USB ports for various functions.


  • Smart plug that measures the electrical energy in the plugs.
  • Remove the standby.
  • It can be used to simulate presence at home when you're not there.
  • You can send alarms if unusual behaviors occur.
  • Protects against overloads.


  • Intelligent thermostat.
  • Weekly planner with resolution of 15 minutes.
  • Easy to use, it has a wheel for temperature selection.
  • You can control it from your smartphone wherever you are.

To see more details about Wattio; follow the link:


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