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Four months ago having passed Geofumadas to the new domain, finally after experiments with Google algorithms and social networks I managed to overcome the 1,300 visitors per day, a milestone that I expected as Mayo water because it was the average in Cartesians. I take this post to get some statistics of the Spanish-speaking sector where Geofumadas has reach.

  • I used the Google Analytics reference, which identifies the city where the Internet service provider is installed.
  • Apart from Google visits, I refer when another source is significant.
  • Google's direct reference generally refers to users who enter the site from favorites or because they directly write
  • Statistics are based on visits during the last four months.

The 10 countries where most visitors arrive at the site represent about 87% of the total, I have considered the 10 most significant cities in these countries; However, there are other cities in other countries that may have more visits than some cities in the queue.

Hispanic Statistical

Hispanic Statistical Spain (23%)

From here, the 10 main cities stand out, in their order: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, La Coruña, Bilbao, Malaga, Zaragoza, Granada and Murcia. Although the total is near 128 cities according to Analytics. I have approached the Canary Islands to not leave it out of the map.

The 33% of these arrive directly, 4% arrive by links of the old Cartesian domain and an 2% already arrive by Twitter, strategy that I started with the new lodging.

The most frequent visit is AutoCAD 2012 And in recent times The tectonic faults of Spain, Is not for less with the shake that they had recently and that the theme of the earthquakes has temporarily become fashionable.

Hispanic Statistical Mexico (18%)

In the case of Mexico, it is quite similar to Spain, with more scattered cities (134). They excel Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Puebla, Oaxaca, Toluca, Chihuahua, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Villahermosa and Xalapa.

Here a 25% come directly, apart from Google, an 4% that comes from Bing, which is not the case with Spain.

The key word that comes most is Geophysical Although the theme of the the UTM coordinates in Google Earth.

Hispanic Statistical Peru (11%)

The geomatics theme is very fashionable in Peru, to the extent that they surpassed the number of Argentine visitors who were previously higher in percentage. Lima stands out as a big stain, although other 23 cities appear among which are La Victoria, Arequipa, Cuzco, Huancayo, Trujillo, Chiclayo, Chimbote, Piura and Juliaca.

The word that has come most from search engines is Geophysical, It is curious that the 54% of visitors arrive directly, and an 6% by Taringa that has some very popular users there.

Hispanic Statistical Colombia (9%)

From this country appear 55 cities, the first 10 are Bogota, Medellín, Bogota metropolitan area, Cali, Bucaramanga, Barranquilla, Ibagué, Soacha, Cúcuta and Pereira.

One 26% comes to the site directly, the rest for Google and one 2% for Bing. The most used keyword AutoCAD 2012.

Hispanic Statistical Argentina (7%)

Here are some 82 cities with representation, the 10 that stand out are Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario, San Miguel de Tucumán, Mendoza, La Plata, Mar Del Plata, Morón, Neuquén and Bahía Blanca.

One 24% per direct visit and one 3% per Yahoo Answers, very active in that southern cone region. The most used keyword Geophysical And follows AutoCAD 2012 new.

Hispanic Statistical Chile (6%)

Quite similar to the behavior of the Argentines, although hardly 28 cities, among them Santiago, Providencia, Concepcion, Valparaíso, Viña Del Mar, Temuco, Antofagasta, Puerto Varas, La Serena, Talca.

An 31% comes directly to the site and an 4% through Yahoo Answers.

The most used keyword Geophysical, followed by Microstation.

Hispanic Statistical Venezuela (4%)

27 cities, standing out 10 in this order: Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia, Barquisimeto, Maracay, Merida, Puerto la Cruz, Maturin, San Cristóbal and Cumana.

The 30% of users come directly and it is curious that an 6% still arrive by redirecting the old domain. The most used keyword Geophysical, followed by AutoCAD 2012 new.

Hispanic Statistical Ecuador (3%)

In Ecuador hardly 8 cities are included: Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Machala, Loja, Ambato, Manta and Portoviejo.

An 31% per direct visit and an 3% uses Bing.

The most used keyword, AutoCAD 2012.

Hispanic Statistical Honduras (3%)

This is an exceptional case, should not appear in this level of statistics but has the particularity that I am here. So any search with the CAD / GIS theme from the local search engine will take me to Geofumadas, apart from colleagues who are identified in the contents.

Just include Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, typical in countries where their connectivity service providers are not mapped correctly. But also because the main sources of connection are based in large cities and although people from small towns connect by modem will not appear.

It is the only country that has changed from top10 to three years ago, which was previously occupied by the United States. A surprising 72% comes directly and also curious a 7% comes by Yahoo searches and Google Images where the post of Topography pictures Has positioned me enviably with the keyword Pornography.

The most commonly used keyword is Geophysical.

Hispanic Statistical Bolivia (3%)

This is a very active community, but similar to the previous case. Outstanding are La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba.

An 17% arrives directly and draws attention to an 1% via Twitter. The most used keyword is UTM projections.

In the list of 5 following countries include:

  • Guatemala, whose capital appears in the top 10 cities where most visitors receive.
  • El Salvador and Costa Rica, always in Central America.
  • United States, where the states of Texas, California, New York and Florida excel.
  • And the Dominican Republic where the community of surveyors Is very active.

It is notorious that the Spanish-speaking sector has achieved an interesting position in the network. In the geospatial issue, the learning communities associated with proprietary platforms and opensource every day make it a potential sector for business. Although this still lacks that many countries insist on promoting anti-piracy standards, incentives and accreditation of professionals, so that the market is sustainable before investments in the area of ​​Information Technology.

I hope you found yourself in the statistics, if you do not appear consider yourself privileged.

3 Replies to "Geofumadas | Visitors: | 100 cities of 10 countries "

  1. Hello Nancy.

    I appreciate your clarification on La Victoria, and I agree that bringing the geomatic theme to "a sustained fashion" is sure to have a whole preliminary work.
    From the moment I opened the conversation channel for the times I am available, I have seen how many Peruvians not only visit this site but converse, ask, and the coincidence of them is usually that they are venturing self-taught in the subject or carrying A career in the university that requires them to take advantage of the gespacial matter.


  2. Hello Don G !, my first words are to congratulate you on having achieved your goal of average visits. This means that your effort is rewarded. Well for it!

    On the other hand, I would like to highlight the fact that your commentary on 'the geomatic theme is fashionable' here in Peru is the fruit of a long and sustained effort that has been silently sown for many years by various university professors, Which opened a road that still has to be traveled and for which it is predicted (finally!) That my dear Peru cease to be a layman in this matter. I am an exception witness to this effort, first when my thesis advisor, Mr. Meneses from Univ. Ricardo Palma here in Lima, insisted on the importance of the subject to choose and then when I could be accepted as a free student at UNI (An honor) in the classes of Satellite Geodesy by Ing. Ralfo Herrera one of the pioneers in this subject along with the recently deceased Ing.
    Finally to note that 'La Victoria' is not the name of a city in Peru, but the name of a district of the city of Lima, a very popular district for being the cradle of one of the most traditional soccer teams in our country : The Lima Alliance.
    Best regards from Lima Peru and follow the successes.

  3. I am the one from Oaxaca, Mexico ......... .. Greetings to all the geofumados

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