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Who does not want a free online AutoCAD course ...

In short there is nothing like taking a formal course with a good instructor to learn AutoCAD. But the option I'm going to show has left me a bit surprised, considering that AutoCAD 2012 arrived not long ago. This is the AutoCAD 2012 course promoted by the author of Guías Inmediatas.com, who has had the will to adjust a course that existed and Still remains for AutoCAD 2008 but now under the new interface and latest What's New in AutoCAD 2012.

Autocad-2012The biggest advantage of this course is that it is in video with audio explaining step by step, with some extra help of postproduction that give you pleasure and personalized grace. Learning in this way is very practical, especially for users who already know AutoCAD, but who are somewhat lost with the novelties of visual interface, especially because this is the user who does not take a course but learns in a self-taught way. Also the course seems great for new users, because the routines are oriented to practical work; although it would not hurt an exercise at the end to develop a complete work, such as an urbanization or a housing plan, sending each command to the chapter where they are.

See how practical the functionality of the Ribbon is seen, after someone explains it with more optimism than our shock a couple of years ago.

It must be recognized that not all people are willing to dispose of a material like this freely; The Internet has allowed a lot of knowledge to be democratized every day more and therefore less excuses to learn the program. Appreciation extended to Luis Manuel González Nava, author of this product. I'll show you an example, and below the summary of the topics that are already available, plus 400 videos that are already available for purchase as well, including a package of Blocks for AutoCAD and some additional resources.


First Section: Basic Concepts of AutoCAD

  • Chapter 1: What is AutoCAD?
  • Chapter 2: The AutoCAD 2012 screen interface
  • Chapter 3: Units and Coordinates
  • Chapter 4: Basic Drawing Parameters

Second Section

  • Chapter 5: Geometry of Basic Objects
  • Chapter 6: Composite Objects
  • Chapter 7: Object Properties
  • 8 Chapter: Text

Third Section

  • Chapter 9: Object References
  • Chapter 10: Object Reference Tracing
  • Chapter 11: Polar Tracking
  • Chapter 12: Parametric Restrictions
  • Chapter 13: Navigation 2D
  • Chapter 14: View Management
  • Chapter 15: The Personal Coordinate System

The Fourth Section, Simple Construction of Objects

  • Chapter 16: Selection Methods
  • Chapter 17: Simple Edition
  • Chapter 18: Advanced Editing
  • Chapter 19: Clamps
  • Chapter 20: Shading, Gradients, and Contours
  • Chapter 21: The Properties Palette

The fifth section, Organization of drawings

  • Chapter 22: Covers
  • Chapter 23: Blocks
  • Chapter 24: External References
  • Chapter 25: Resources in Drawings
  • Chapter 26: Queries

The sixth section, Dimensionamiento

  • Chapter 27 Dimensioning
  • Chapter 28 CAD Standards

The seventh section, layout and publication

  • Chapter 29 Print Layout
  • Chapter 30 Configuring Printing
  • Chapter 31 Autocad and Internet
  • Chapter 32 Plan Set

The eighth section, three-dimensional drawing

  • Chapter 33 The Modeling Space 3D
  • Chapter 34 SCP in 3D
  • Chapter 35 Viewing in 3D
  • Chapter 36 Objects 3D
  • Chapter 37 Solids
  • Chapter 38 Surfaces
  • Chapter 39 Mesh
  • Chapter 40 Modelized

The course is taken online, for free.

Start the AutoCAD 2012 Online Course here

The course was also you can buy for US $ 34.99 To view it without an Internet connection

  • Full course of AutoCAD 2D and 3D with 477 videos
  • Simplified browser for topics
  • All Sample filesof the course
  • 17,000 drawings Dwg de Blocks and models 3D
  • 255 digital book pages with 40 chapters
  • Included shipping cost to your home, to any country in America and Europe.
  • It can be purchased by PayPal, Credit Card and Bank Transfer.


Then the discount coupon temporarily provided by Z! Coupons, the course is paid using the FastSpring service, to ensure that you can pay via different modalities that people have requested and in the local currency equivalent.

  1. The first way is by using a credit or debit card.
  2. The second is through a PayPal account
  3. The third is by ACH bank transfer, for those who have an online branch. Not applicable in all countries.
  4. The last is by international transfer. For this you must select «Purchase Order», to receive in the mail the data of the correspondent bank with the bank of your choice in your own city.

Fastspring forms of payment AutoCAD 3D course on your door, for $ 34.99


  • If you have a previous discount coupon, or promoted through theFacebook fans, You can enter.
  • The shipment is by express mail, which takes from 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the distance; The shipment leaves Mexico, reason why within this country can take hardly one week. We give you a code to track it online.
  • The shipment is made two business days after payment has been received, and this is done by Unpublished Guides from Mexico.
  • While you arrive at your home, you can consult the online course.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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  1. assalom alekum autocad dasturini o'rganmoqchidim. + 998946171616 tel qlin dasturni
    sotib olishni gaplashvolardik

  2. I informed them that recently I am retiring as an engineer, I live in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and I would like to take a course in BASIC AUTOCAP

    Greetings and thank you very much for your reply

  3. Well, I just wanted to leave a brief comment on your
    Site to see if there are people who read.

    At least that's what I've seen. I hope you continue to write as
    You have done it so far and if we can collaborate in a future, you affirm me.
    I really would like this.

  4. Hello thank you for participating in a course such as autocad, which will allow me personal development

  5. I am interested in taking the autocad course since it is very important to develop my work

  6. I would like to take the virtual coach course thanks as you can help me and when classes start thanks

  7. Hi. I would like to learn Autocad with its course. Because not knowing how to use it is preventing me from applying for a better position in my job. I wish I could tell you how to get it. Thank you

  8. Hello I'm interested in taking the autocad course if this is truly free, Regards

  9. I would like very much to take this course I want to study civil engineering and I know that this is a basic tool


  11. I do not know anything about autocad and they demand that branch of engineering could send me the free cursom for beginners please.

  12. I would like to learn the autocad course from scratch

  13. I own the autocad 2011, you have this learning course.
    I am in Colombia, what is the value of the course.
    You can send me your e-mail to contact.
    Thank you

  14. I would like to receive the free autocad course to learn it from 0 thanks !!

  15. I would like to receive the free course from level zero (beginner)

  16. I live in the city of Zitacuaro Michoacan, how long it takes to get there. And on which bank the payment can be made. regards

  17. It seems to me excellent that such important courses should be democratized and be within the reach of many students and people with an eagerness to learn.


  19. Hey.
    A Peru takes about 3 weeks and a half.
    If you buy the 2013 version costs only 29.99 and the same day downloads.

  20. I would like to buy the course I am from Peru of the city of Iquitos how long it will take to arrive

  21. Thank you for offering this course, and if I will make the most of it,

  22. They are children of the a little pinch let them download it for free

  23. Of course it is not included, AutoCAD costs in its LT version more than 1,000 dollars. It is not expected that it will be included in a course that costs 34.99

    However, for the purposes of learning, you can download the full version from
    It works like a normal version, only has a watermark at the time of printing that says it is an educational version.

  24. The course has been bought by several people from Spain, the arrival time there is approximately 4 weeks, since it leaves Mexico.
    So far, we have never lost a course and we have not had any complaints.

  25. I am interested in buying the course but how safe is the shipping once the purchase is made in my case I am in Spain I would like to know the time that would take to reach my home thanks

  26. How are you! I am very interested in the course but as mentioned by the guy above I would like to know how much can you serve me as a beginner?

  27. These courses are truly what you are looking for, please could you send me the payment account

  28. Hello the course includes advice or tutoring for the most complicated cases ?, which so much recommend for someone 100% beginner.

  29. Yes, as the article says, mailing is included.
    Pay with credit card or bank transfer.

  30. I want to buy the course as payment 35 dorales of the course, this all inclusive

  31. I need more info about the autocad course, price and shipping method, it is interesting

  32. I am very important all the work that is presented here as it is very useful to me

    Ing. Julio Cesar Romero

  33. I would like more information since I am very interested in acquiring the course greetings and thanks

  34. Hi, I'm interested in this course and I need you to send the inf. To my email, please, I need to know how reliable it is thanks.

  35. Thank you very much. Please also send me the free course to my email address?

  36. It usually takes between 3 and 4 weeks. I should be arriving this week.

  37. Hello, I bought the course 2 weeks ago and I have not yet arrived I find myself in the USA and wanted to know for which date it will arrive.

  38. I would like to learn the autocad 2012 for free please I hope you send me the instructions to my email.

  39. Hello, I am interested in learning the AUTOCAD 2012 course for free, please send to my mail what I must do to do it.
    I live in Cali Colombia, thank you.

  40. If you are in Mexico City, shipping arrives in less than a week.
    If you go to collect it, we deduct 5 dollars, or you would pay the equivalent of 29.99 US dollars.
    You must send an email to Editor@geofumadas.com To give you the discount code and the address where you should withdraw.

  41. Hello, again bothering them, I did not get the mail, I do not know if I miss my email Lilivar2@hotmail.com. And I would like to know in the CD of Mexico if it is possible to go directly to compare to some address.

  42. Hello, I would like to take the autocad course for free, please send me the information to do it.

    Thank you.

  43. The course to your physical address would arrive in less than a week, because it leaves Mexico.
    The information of the course is in the article, there is much more that to explain to you by mail.


  44. Hello, good afternoon, I am uninterested in taking the autocad course, you can send the information to my email I live in Saltillo, coahuila, Mex.

  45. Yes, in mechanical design there is a lot of applicability of AutoCAD.
    The course has the same price, regardless of the destination as far as it goes. It is US $ 34.99 that you can pay at a local bank by bank transfer.

  46. I'm an industrial mechanic and I really need to learn to draw in auto cad. I would like to know if I have a good chance of applying it to mechanics. And if I could send the course information in Spanish and the cost of this. I am from the interior of Ecuador. Thank you, I'm looking forward for your answer

  47. The price is $ 34.95.

    It was on promotion for a while, but only on PayPal payments, including shipping.

  48. But, the price is $ 25 = 68.00 soles. And in that option says 98.00 soles .. ???

  49. Can also be by bank transfer.

    In the «Buy now» link

    Use the "Purchase order" option, and when you add your data, the bank details you need will be sent to you by bank transfer.

  50. The payment is only made by Pay-Pal ?. I do not know how to make payments by that way .. =(
    I want to buy the course. Any account number in any bank
    The shipment is to Peru.

  51. Choose the Purchase Order option. After you enter your information, the correspondent bank's data will be sent to you by mail. With that you go to the bank and you can make the transfer. The price includes shipping to your address, by mail.

  52. I live in Peru Region Ancash I want to buy the course as I do

  53. We have already sent the information to your email.


  54. Hi Tito
    The course costs 34.99 US dollars. It includes shipping cost.
    Does not include printed book, but the DVD includes qdicional to the videos, digital book explanatory.


  56. I am very interested in buying the course; I can send to my mail the necessary information to make the order, I write from Morelia, Mich

  57. How good. As you can see, within Mexico the course arrives in less than 8 days.


  58. Good course, I recommend the shipped if I arrived in good condition thank you

  59. Hello, I want to learn AutoCAD, I live in Venezuela and 100 Kms. From where I live they dictate the course, I would like to know what is better for me, if I buy the course or travel every week.

  60. Hello Roque.
    We do not sell the AutoCAD program, but you can download it http://students.autodesk.com
    What we sell is a course to learn how to use it, the price is 34.99 US dollars, includes shipping to your address. You must make the payment through PayPal or credit card associated with PayPal.
    It can also be done by bank transfer, with the FastSpring service

  61. I want to know the price of autocad 2012, the form of payment in Colombia, where to consign the shipping form and how to learn how to use it to make my own plans, I am an architect

  62. Hello Marcela.
    The course is taken online, on time and following the videos.
    No accreditation is issued.

    If you request the DVD by mail, the course exercises, AutoCAD blocks and all the videos you watch online are also sent to you. The cost is symbolic, if you consider that the value includes shipping to your home ... no matter where you are.

    In neither case is accreditation issued.

  63. Hello, I am from Argentina, I would like to receive more information about the course, regarding the delivery and the tariffs of the same, does it extend some type of certificate when finalizing it? I'm interested in doing it, so I'll wait for your answer.

  64. My regards, ... I wish to learn The AutoCAD course
    They could inform you in detail thanks.

  65. Receive my regards. I am an architect, a beginner of Autocad and I am interested in online 2012 autocad course. Please send a link to my email to take the free course, Thank you!

  66. I'm from Santiago del Estero, Argentina and I need an AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 course in Spanish. Thank you

  67. I would like very much to learn more Auto CAD

  68. I want to learn auto cad

  69. I need to learn autocad, because I'm an architect and I want to draw my own plans.

  70. You pay the 34.99 dollars and we send it to the address you give us when making the payment.

  71. Of course, it is shipped from Mexico. So we do send it to Canada for the same value.

  72. I'm interested in the course and I want to buy it, I'm Bolivian, how do I have it

  73. I live in Toronto Canada and I want to know if you can send me that course or if you already have the Autocad 2013 because that is the program that I have installed!
    Thanks leo


  75. I want to know if this has license of soflware autocad revit architecture suite 2012

  76. I want to learn bus I'm from banfield I go to school from 18: 30 to 23 I can before that orario thanks.

  77. He wants to do the course of civilcad, I need to know cost and where they dictate

  78. It costs 34.99 dollars, includes shipping.
    The mode of payment is PayPal or credit card associated with PayPal and also by means of bank transfer.

  79. I am interested in the course of autocad in Colombia that is worth the saw, and how I do the transaction

  80. We accept credit card, PayPal and also bank transfer.

    The price is 34.99 US dollars or its equivalent in local currency.

  81. Hello ...
    As soon as I get the course for here in Venezuela paying in Bolivares? How could the commercial transaction, through which bank?

    I would greatly appreciate your help greetings .......

  82. I am interested in your autocad course, my specialty is the drawing of walls until your impression to build them really, specifically I need to know the tools in autocad to draw and build only parades.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  83. I am an amateur of the rquitectura, I want to learn autocad 2012 last.

  84. Yes, you can send it to Italy for that price.
    It does not matter if you have that version of AutoCAD, the commands are the same, with the difference that the course does not include the Architecture routines that your version has.

  85. I live in Italy, you can send it here, I also have the Autocad Architectura 2009, what can I do?


  87. I need an 2012 autocad course when it comes to your home

  88. When you access the payment link, you can choose the currency of your country and you see the equivalent.

  89. Hello Manuel I would like to know the price of the course the value in Colombian pesos in advance thanks

  90. The article explains the cost of the course when sending it in physical format by mail.

  91. greetings, I am writing to you because the 13 / 3 / 2012 past, I placed an order for the 2012 autocad course, I would like to know how to track the order online, since I do not know where to enter the password I received.

    thank you very much, Carlos Herraez

  92. Hi carlos.
    If you live in Mexico you can make a deposit to Bancomer, the equivalent is 319 pesos.
    Once the deposit has been made, you send us a scanned copy or a readable photo of the deposit and we will send it to you.
    All course content is on a single DVD

  93. good afternoon I've been watching some chapters of autocad online and I liked them a lot, and I congratulate the one who made that course for all those who want to learn and update about that program.

    I am the first person in this program and I am so upset that I am thinking of getting it.

    And I only have a few questions:

    The shipping service arrives until cd. Juarez chihuahua ??

    And how much is the price of the course in Mexican pesos ??

    And how many DVDs does the course contain ??

    That would be all beforehand many thanks for the course and congratulations.


  94. Please, I am interested in the 2012 AutoCad course. I want to know if the course can be paid for transfers.

  95. Excellent brother, thank you, I got it thanks to you.

  96. I want to know the basic autocad course, in order to learn and improve in our work tasks.

  97. How do I sign up for the course? I need to learn the new version.

  98. How can I get the course or tutorial of Autocad 2012 free? although it is the basic one.

  99. Greetings Manuel Medina I am interested in the autocad course 2011 but I do not see your mail, here I send mine so that we communicate

  100. Naviskork is a program also of AutoDesk, you do not have to export it to another format, because that program reads files dwg

  101. I need to know how to see an autocad file in the navisworks program .. how to export it so that this program can read it ... ??

  102. Thanks for this enormous contribution to Mr. Nava, there are few people who unselfishly provide facilities for the free study of courses as useful as autocad is.

  103. I would like to learn free courses taught by Us; to be able to master of what is autocad 2D and 3D, regarding the preparation of plans (in general); Attentively I withdraw from Us. see you soon.

  104. There is nothing to thank Manuel, a greeting and go ahead with your work.

  105. Dear friend:

    I am writing to tell you that the course of Autocad 2012, from the Screen to reality, is finished. Today I have uploaded the 40 and last chapter to the page. In this regard I would like to make some comments:

    - I particularly appreciate the mention of the course on your site. It has been very important for me the visits I received on the site from your site.

    - I am aware that the course can be improved in many ways. In its next version I will take advantage to add examples and delve into various topics. Anyway, it was so, that its update will be really very fast as soon as we have the 2013 version of the program available and not like now, which took me 10 months to complete it, 3 more than planned.

    - In the coming days I will have ready the disk version of the same course, for those who are difficult to see it online and ask to be able to download it. It will have some small extras and its cost will be very accessible, besides that the free course will remain available.

    - Also in a few days will be available in which is, at least for me, the site number 1 of free computer courses online: http://www.aulaclic.es

    I take the opportunity to wish you the best in the upcoming holidays.

    Best regards.

    Luis Manuel González Nava.

  106. I like, I am interested in receiving the course I would like it to be free. Excellent

  107. How can I get the clashes, thank you, pray very well.

  108. Access to the videos is free, just follow the link to Unpublished Guides.

  109. I need to know how I enroll, and how much the course is worth, and the course time, thank you.

  110. Hello I want to do this course and I would like to receive more information. Thank you.

  111. If you ask for the course, it is free as long as you watch the videos online.

    If you ask for AutoCAD, this is not free. It is owned by AutoDesk and it is necessary to buy it, an LT version of AutoCAD 2012 costs about one thousand US dollars.


  113. Hello Alf.
    The course can not be downloaded, you should see the videos connected to the Internet.

  114. Hi, I am new to the use of autocad, and I want to thank the contribution of this course and I would like to know if I can download it and how, I would appreciate it very much

  115. The novelties of AutoCAD 2012 that new bars & commands offers the new version of AUTODESK Software, this applies to Civil Engineering along with Civil and Road Construction.

  116. I would like to know if there are such courses for the Microstation v8i?

  117. Very good contribution. I think it is really appropriate to learn to manipulate this program, essential in many professions. The versatility of its multiple tools, its ease of use and the clarity of its interface make this program a favorite of architects, drafters, graphic designers, decorators, etc.

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