Tour of the Entremares mine

My trip is over, tired but fruitful. Of deals with new territories, moments of good humor and despite imagining the chicks doing the math and English tasks at their best effort.


Most curious, a hotel where I have stayed, apart from swimming pool, navigable lagoon and pony horses for children, offers a tour of what was the facilities of a mine. Generally one imagines the classic with a tunnel, in the style that the Spaniards did at the time of the conquest, but this type of facilities are their own when the gold deposit is presented in beta. In this case, because it is dispersed, it is made in an open sky, grinding the material, recovering it with cyanide, which dilutes it in water.

It is a question that has been much disputed between the environmentalists who shoot him to death and the scientists who defend the mitigation controls. Also the disasters in some places of the world are an unforgettable precedent, but always the fault of the bad the politicians have (for allowing or negotiating or not knowing very well what they sign) tell me that I grew up in a town that literally carries that name, where whole families have been divided by a gold that I have come to think never existed in such quantities.

To open 1


In the photo, an area in the process of restoration of slopes. It can be seen as above as nature returns to its intent.

The visit to the place is instructive, more in these days that gold has reached the record, above the 1,200. And is that gold is a very mysterious element, we are surprised by the ATM (ATM) that opened in Dubai, where 450 dollars are entered and the machine returns you a gold bar.

But it has the sense because without producing interest, it does not become wet paper like bonds, and its value is not in the brightness of a girl's neck but its ability to leave the earth, melt and re-buried vaults as backup Of the economy.

Open pit mine

In the graph, the Palo Alto cut, the same shot from above, but united with the Kodak EasyShare. Already in the process of restoration. Lookouts have been placed to rest awhile, take photographs, know the history or savor a good Amaretto.

Church peublo miner

The area is picturesque, ancient churches reminiscent of a heritage that is worth preserving.

If these people take advantage of the twinning with Spanish cities, interesting work can be done. See in the background how the mountain looks above the haze after a rain that went as it came, in the middle of the valley at two o'clock in the afternoon.

In the graphic below, the legacy of recent history. Messages captured by the Zelayist Resistance In the period of coup d'état, constitutional succession ... or as they seem best to call it.


In the following photo a sample of the land, a waterfall of hot water, with the smell of rotten egg of sulfur. In the right photo, an approach, see how it gives the impression of being petrified wood. But they are strata of consolidated material in laminar form, -according to the guide- reddish earth and thermal waters with almost certain signs of a gold deposit. If they have a land with those characteristics, they tell me :).

hot springs

It looks like wood

An interesting place to spend a week off with the family. I recommend it.

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  1. I find everything very interesting that counts, I would like to exchange photos. I knew the place when the mine was in full operation.

  2. I don't know where the negative context of the expression was taken because the literal translation would be - as one says - the English expression "Good for you." 🙂

  3. Hotel cost: US $ 30 per night, breakfast cost: US $ 2 (included in the room), dinner cost: US $ 3.
    I would like to see officials with that cost of living.

    And it would be selfish to see an attractive place, so cheap and not promote it as a good experience.

    To avoid misunderstandings of context, I mean the Entremares mine, not the Hotel entremares.

  4. How do you live!!!! Are you an official?

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