Traveling, preparing a video

video recorder 2 I have been traveling for almost a week, in a complementary work to the process of systematization that consists of the filming of a video that must rescue the essence of the applied methodological process.

This shooting is an interesting world, the game of lighting, the recreation of past scenarios, the capture of events that are still alive, the handling of the interview, abstraction, concretion, anyway ... another world. It's tired, the schedule became so tight that it's barely given to check emails at night on shaky monitors of 15 inches. To miss that my fifth-year-old son ventured to his math exam without my tedious torture from the previous night ... times by car, by train, by bus, to return in time to take my flight to Charlotte the next morning ... !

The content…

There must be different ways to approach a process like this, particularly this project that was extended to 27 municipalities, was made under the premise that implement the cadastre as an instrument of use Multipurpose in municipalities with unequal conditions, can be measured for a gradual adoption of approaches: fiscal, legal, land use and socioeconomic.

The technique of capture and content of information can be the same, but while there is no application of the information within the regulations of the context, it will be only an inventory, it is preferable to go step by step, for a better appropriation and maturity. Also the non-compliance of usage indicators, defines a guideline to not start a stage for which the municipality does not meet conditions. This methodological process defines the four stages that the documentary will have:

  • Recovery Stage. Determine the progress of a municipality, minimum equipment and definition of the approach. Standardization of data of previous processes, socialization of counterparts and political decisions necessary for the fiscal focus.
  • Massive uprising. The technification of the urban-rural cadastral survey through local human resources, the implementation of technologies in spatial data management, the preparation of studies for the massive appraisal and, at a minimum, ensuring that the cadastre reaches utility in the fiscal approach.
  • Adequacy of administrative processes. Studies of land values, permanent crops, administrative limits; to complement the fiscal focus and take first steps to legal approach. Here also requires adaptation of internal procedures that can limit the application of policies in the management of the territory.
  • Sustainability processes. Linkage of the efforts with regional projects that have intervention in the cadastral area for the continuity of processes, systematization and creation of a regional headquarters at the level of commonwealth that executes a replica of the model, whose support is in the provision of services, taking advantage of the resource human shaped In this stage also with the territories that mature the initial approaches, promote the definition of territorial policies for the application of the land use approach and creating bases for information and processes to be inputs for local economic development (socio-economic approach).



It is a regret and a daring to cut more than 11 hours of recording to a shoot of 20 minutes; I'm glad to know that the efforts of my field technicians have been worth more than their financial compensation (which honestly has not been great) or the cruel state of humor geofumado (which has also been complicated at times).

Half a tear dares to swing when you hear the natural thanks of mayors, landlords, residents, and a group of kids who almost from nothing have become the generation that replaces our gray hair. With them it has been satisfying to sit down to eat freshly patted tortillas, with chicharrón flavored with live dirt. Although at this stage of the project he has more than a year left ... I know that some of you will see them in this for many years, because they have the potential to make a career in this subject; to the others ... I will miss them.

And tomorrow ... travel again, for a change. The next post will be from the Be Inspired.

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