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From the 12 to the 14 of October Bentley Systems will hold the Symposium and Award of the best practices in the Infrastructure. This event will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina, is the first after the format change of what was before the BE Awards.

During the first day, Gregg and Keith Bentley will make a presentation of what the 25 years of the company have been and their main contributions to the industry of technologies applied to the design and construction of infrastructures.

Best Agricultural Practices

best_practices Of the 17 categories participating in the awards, presentations will be made of the three most outstanding ones that during 20 minutes will make known their project, achievements, applied technology and solution solved.

The change of format is attractive, because what was previously seminars were turned to web, giving enough time to the exhibition of the participants in the awards that before had hardly a panel and a few films in the event of awards.

There will be room for questions and answers after each presentation and representatives of the media will have the opportunity to talk with both the exhibitors and the people who are in charge of these institutions or companies.


executive_roundtable On the second day there will be discussion tables in different lines of work that will include technicians and experts from both Bentley Systems and the participants in the symposium. The specialties will be Plants, Geospatial, Construction, Civil and Technological Platforms.

Geospatial Issues:

  • Using the GIS and engineering information in the field
  • The GIS in the asset registry - hydraulic model of integration and interoperability
  • Multidisciplinary engineering for electrical substations and transmission lines

Construction Topics

  • Beyond BIM - Integrating multidisciplinary teams and systems for site, mapping, geo, civil, BIM, project information management, digital design review and coordination
  • Knowing industry demands for workflow interoperability - using technology to empower a collaborative project system, with shared risks and rewards.
  • High performance in information management - implementing the effectiveness of design and construction equipment, and maximizing the quality of the resulting buildings.

Topics for Civil:

  • Accelerating project execution (the impact of the funding stimulus)
  • Modeling of building information vs modeling of civil works information
  • The collaboration of the project and the labor distributive force

Be Inspired Awards

From 1,000 projects submitted since the 2004 year, one will be awarded for each of the 17 previous categories. All of them under the prefix of Innovation.

                    1. Bridges
                    2. Buildings
                    3. Cadastre and land development
                    4. Universities, Airports and Military Facilities
                    5. Factories
                    6. Mining & Metals
                    7. Oil & Gas
                    8. Energy generation
                    9. Transit and railways
                    10. Carreteras
                    1. Communication networks and services
                    2. Hydrosanitary systems and treatment plants
                    3. Hydrosanitary systems and rainwater systems
                    4. Communication through visualization
                    5. Connecting project teams
                    6. Generative Design
                    7. Structural engineering
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