Love in Twitter Times

Copy of IMG_0442He was called PinkFloyd, she florcita_bombón,

your avatar the gray silhouette, her tan brown

I was searching only on Google, she was doing it on Yahoo!

he popular on Facebook, she just loves Hi5!

Blogging on WordPress, she did it on Drupal

her passion is to live AdSense, she ignored his being

I used the code view, she just in Word

he only used Gmail, she Yahoo! and Hotmail

he fell in love with her, and she made him

He sends you e-flowers, she gif by heap

today a key post, she saturates the board

only connects in the afternoon, she always online

he moderates in Akismet, she to one on foot

He sends you two: *, she answers a;

her team is in time zone, she changed her watch

your desktop in white I-mac, her ancestral PC

he bets on the free, she on the commercial

he fell in love with her, and she did too

he will fly 7 hours, she will wait for him

soft will take your hand, she will fill your being

then she will return to her land, she will cry the goodbye

he will come back one day, she would trust it come true


he will forget her, she will wait for him


then he will remember her, she will no longer be


without stopping looking for her trace, she will never know


he will forget her, and she will too


Via: Nothing to do in the supermarket

2 Replies to "Love in the times of Twitter"

  1. Love is love angela !! and the granddaughter is cool In fact now on the net is circulating a good story of a girl who is called Florence and who is looking for Diego all over the country almost almost, the truth is a cute love story I leave your page to check it

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