Geofumadas, temporal passions

My life has been a collection of small moments that like scripts at the end end executing every sequence that exceeds the 35 according to the simple count of the shell in use. In this time, like any human being I have had passions for some facets of life, Geofumadas is precisely one of those, although if I remember, it has not been the only one and as they all run the risk of losing priority one day or changing to a new one way to spend gray hair with style.

Now that I am a month of adjusting the two years of Geofumadas, I realize that it has been an extended passion, which for now I enjoy, perhaps because unlike others, it promotes interaction with different readers, the theme includes innovation, environment is free and therefore, I think it also influences that it is a good company in my current routine of traveling five out of four weeks.

But before Geofumadas I had other passions:

One day I painted oil

fisherman's painting There was a time when I took the painting class at the university, I was passionate enough to dedicate myself to it for a while. I did not like acrylic a lot, more for the high price of materials than for the practicality of quick drying (which is more like my temporary passions); so I painted oil for a long time, it was decreasing because of my travels, my daughter's allergy (not temporary passion) to cheap turpentine and my wife's discomfort due to stains on clothes.

But I liked it, one of these days I will do it again, changing the costumbrismo for surrealism that I felt better not for commercial purposes. I may also take it because my son (not temporary passion) does have that talent and taste, that part of my life I liked, if I had existed Ebay I would have liked more.

oil paintings

I took piano lessons

oil paintings Hehe, that was back in my years of school and college, an American led me through the three levels of John Thompson while I lost the football game with friends. Of that, only the stories that from that experience I wrote ... I had the eternal advice of the old lady who also shared some cookies that only buy in her small town back in Oregon.

I gave CAD exorcism classes

oil paintings Hehe, I remember teaching AutoCAD for cartoonists, and I call it exorcism because most of them did not want to change their drawing table, leroy, canecho, skull and more for a mouse with just two buttons; I usually had to make an association of each command with a conventional technical drawing tool and compare advantages.

Part of that stage of my life came to the blog, but now not methodologically, more at the level of loose tips and what I advanced the manual ended up on the videos CD to learn AutoCAD; I also taught other trainings with other tools of the competition but my passion in this was AutoCAD, it occupies much less sessions of psychiatrist in the Hispanic environment.

I wrote stories

oil paintings That stage was short, maybe a year to fulfill the dream of childhood friends and release those bitches that were in my old notebook multifinal. 25 stories left me satisfied, I published a printed book and the rest was went to Lulu that from time to time he sends me a message. Sometimes I get the nostalgia for writing another but I do not want to do it loose, if I do it will be to get other 25 at a stroke and for it I occupy a trip of at least three weeks where there is no wireless, a new notebook and suffering to go back to see my mail with 2,500 unread messages or 300 comments to moderate.

Of the stories only One blog made only for readers in that context, because it is full of words incompatible with the SAR, and the way it ended (temporarily) should be called "the old and definitely abandoned blog of the author of Geofumadas" That part of my life, it comes from time to time and some post they leave of the geospatial and make me lose smoked fans ... also the girl of the Chocolate Dance seems to enjoy them.


Apart from that, there are passions that do not go out of context, take pictures, make cartoons, make puzzles with my daughter, play warrock with my son, Chess with my brother and walk out with the girl that lights my eyes ... are of topological attributes with heaven accurate.


This is life, gentlemen, a series of small routines that only Pyton knows where they fit, most of them enter a necessary moment and stop being used to the rhythm of relevance ... and passion. The best thing is to have enjoyed them to the fullest at the time, in my case, playing piano, writing stories, taking photographs, painting in oil or teaching were necessary passions for this routine to make sense. Enjoying them to the fullest was the best while they lasted.oil paintings

I now have a blog

4 Replies to "Geofumadas, Temporal Passions"

  1. Thanks friend, it's good to read it in your tone.

    The ArcGIS thing ... I'm sure I'll find the way.

  2. Dear @ I do not think your phrase "That part of my life, comes from time to time and some posts leave the geospatial theme and make me lose smoked fans ..." is so true ... I really believe that you add followers, because Whether we like it or not with a drawing board, whether we want it or not, whether by necessity, by passion, we have been through many adventures and misadventures. So having passions that are not geofumadas, makes you be more empathetic with an environment as impersonal as a Blog can be. The truth is that I don't even know your name, but I'm glad that the one who manages this blog lives his life so fully and has the opportunity to share his best… that is almost to have an earthly paradise.

    My mother is a retired cartoonist, friend of regattas, normographers, ink pencils, scalers and everything that exists ... she has a son (me) cartographer, who is not far from what she did, we both like to write, draw and reflect the world passively), therefore if that is to be smoked ... I come from a smoked family.

    A hug in this 2010, for you and family.

    I hope that the EXCEL-ARCGIS relationship is as transparent as it is in Mainfold !!! hehehe

  3. hehe, I know you like this side ... but I did not expect a response so fast.

  4. Well if ... I like your stories, and now that I discovered that other blog I will go to read more things, you will not be encouraged to write more?

    I see that you have had several passions and I do not know how to play piano but at least I like your stories and paintings ... that artistic vein must be exploited more, no? hehehehe

    Around here I will continue, The Girl of the Chocolate Dance, reading and commenting on those stories that sometimes are frayed and out of the geospatial and that I like ...


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