Topics in + 3 years of Geofumadas

After a little more than three years with the blog, here I summarize some statistics that have helped me to plan the topics and priorities of 2011.

Circular graph with sub graph excel Trying to stay in the thematic glimpsed in The first post, the total number of categories has reached 31. As a general line, in that 2007 post I raised the 4 categories: Cartography, AutoCAD, Microstation and Geospatial.

To graph your distribution I am using the graphic (Excel 2007) pie with subgraph insert that allows you to see the behavior of the percentages below the 1%.

In this way, it is seen that the themes are separated into at least four major segments:

A first group It is occupied by 50% of the posts that are contained in 7 topics that have up to 9% segments. These reflect the main trend of the blog (CAD / GeoWeb) and the three programs of my preference. It is interesting that here are three of the four issues that I raised in the first post, they are also the issues that drive part of the rewards: Contacts after international trips.

  • Geospatial - GIS
  • Google Earth / Maps
  • Microstation Bentley
  • AutoCAD / AutoDesk
  • Internet and Blogs
  • Geofumadas
  • Innovations

Then a second group It extends to 80% in other 7 topics that are distributed values ​​between 5% and 7%, here appear two other programs and an emerging trend focused on GIS, applications and requested reviews. In bold one of the four topics planned in the first post, it is curious but the topics in this segment are the ones that move other rewards such as specialized consulting and training.

  • ArcGIS / ESRI
  • Manifold GIS
  • Cadastre
  • Topography
  • Mapping
  • Others
  • Teaching CAD / GIS

Circular graph with sub graph excel

As a third group there is the queue that reaches 94% in six topics, which I have hardly used as filler or recently used as in the case of gvSIG. These are distributed values ​​between 1% and 3%.

  • Leisure / Inspiration
  • GvSIG
  • Engineering
  • Virtual Earth
  • Trips
  • Territorial Planning

Y finally Is a fourth group which includes 11 topics, none of them with more than 1% and among all they add up to that emerging queue of 6%. While they are potential topics, I have only resorted on special occasions. There is potential for equipment, Apple / Mac with which I hope to insist, and perhaps that of politics will grow because the coups d'etat seem to continue.

  • GPS / Equipment
  • IntelliCAD
  • Monetize Blogs
  • QGIS
  • Politics and Democracy
  • ArchiCAD
  • CadCorp
  • Downloads
  • Index
  • Apple / Mac
  • UDig

In another post I will talk about posting statistics, visits and income.

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