UTM coordinate grid using CivilCAD

I recently told you about CivilCAD, an application that runs on AutoCAD and also on Bricscad; this time I want to show you how to generate the coordinate table, just As we saw it with Microstation Geographics (Now Bentley Map). Usually these things GIS programs have it With a lot of practicality, but at CAD level it is still a can, because although they are generated they must be done vectorially, losing the dynamic and requiring some editing touches.

There are two options in CivilCAD: UTM and Geographic coordinates.

1. Georeferencing the CAD file.

As we have Explained before, The fact that the measurement is in UTM coordinates Does not mean that it is georeferenced, since the same coordinates are repeated in other zones, so for that you have to define in which zone you are working.

This is done with: CivilCAD> Change variables.Generate utm coordinate box

Likewise, in order to generate geographic coordinates, we will define the properties of the ellipsoid, in case they are different from the one already configured GRS80 / WGS84:

  • UTM Zone
  • Upper half-axle length
  • Area Width (degrees), usually 6
  • This false, usually 500,000
  • Reverse Crush Coefficient
  • Central scale factor
  • Longitude of the central meridian, this is the meridian that is to the center of the zone
  • North false.

2. UTM Coordinate Grid

For this, it is selected from the menu CivilCAD, reticle and then UTM; or the command manually -RETUTM, then enter.

In the command line the message of selecting the box of our interest appears, then two corners of the zone to label are selected. It is advisable to have the snap activated, so that the lines exactly match the border, the snap is activated or deactivated with the F3 keypad function.

Then the message appears of how far we are interested in the reticle; in this case I'm going to choose 200. And there we have it, simple, without so much complication although with less options as Microstation does.

Generate utm coordinate box

To change the color of text or crossbars, it is done by changing it in the layers generated in this process; CVL_RETUTM and CVL_RET_TX. In order not to soil the model, this should be done on the layout.

3. Geographical coordinates grid

For this, we choose the second option, or the command -RETGPS and we respond to what it asks (Distance between dimensions in seconds)

To resize text, it is done with: CivilCAD> Text> Define text height.

Single beds, which Civil3D Should do without much return.

5 Replies to "UTM coordinate grid using CivilCAD"

  1. Hi Jamie.
    CivilCAD is not the same Civil3D.
    What I've done with CivilCAD, maybe it can not be done with Civil3D.

  2. Forgive the impertinence I would appreciate if you help me. I have the Auto Cad 2014 and the Civil 3d aside, so the commands you show from the civil cad attached to the Auto Cad do not match. What should I do? Thanks in advance.

  3. I do not know how to configure the parameters to generate the grid in geographic coordinates ... I only get it with utm coordinates ... when I choose GPS, it generates the grid, but far from the drawing, which is plotted according to utm coordinates, according to the corresponding area which in this case is HUSO 18 south (CHile), central meridian -75. I do not know if I need to configure another parameter. I would appreciate if you could help me, it seems a very useful application.
    Thanks in advance. Greetings.

  4. Well, that is limited CivilCAD, because everything that generates is not dynamic or can be handled as a template.

    What I have done, is to create a block of the crosshead, with point of origin at the intersection, and with the array command to replicate it; So if I print the size does not seem to edit it again and all change at the same time.

    There is also a lisp routine for AutoCAD, which does something similar without using CivilCAD


  5. How do I configure the size of the grid? ... I generate planes to different scalas so I have to change the size of the grid. Can you do this? Because I have to be editing each one
    Thank you for your help !!!

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