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AutoCAD, Civil 3D and other uses of AutoDesk products

Transoft Solutions and Plexscape make alliance to offer the most realistic representation of 3D vehicles in Google Earth

Transoft Solutions Inc., a world leader in transport engineering design and analysis software, has partnered with Plexscape, developers of Plex.Earth®, one of the most popular tools for AutoCAD for the acceleration of architecture, engineering and construction projects (AEC). A central element of the partnership was the integration of AutoTURN® technology ...

The best of software for construction - Construction Computing Awards 2018

This is a contest that rewards the best efforts of software focused on Architecture, Engineering and Construction. This list of finalists tells us how is the competition between the main providers of computational solutions for geo-engineering in its thirteenth edition. We have marked in a different color some brands of our choice to facilitate the ...

How to download AutoCAD 2018 - educational version

The educational versions of AutoCAD are fully functional, both for students and teachers. To download AutoCAD, you must follow the following steps: 1. Access the AutoDesk page. Enter your account or create a new one. You must choose the download link for educational version: Ene this case, I am selecting that ...

AutoCAD 2016. End of perpetual licenses.

As a natural trend of this globalized, interconnected and almost unpredictable evolution, software ceases to be a boxed product and becomes a service. AutoDesk is not the exception we are already seeing with Adobe, Bentley Systems, Corel, to name a few. AutoDesk has announced that this year 2015 will be the last ...

Introducing Spatial Manager for BricsCAD

We are pleased to note that the first version of Spatial Manager for BricsCAD has been introduced, so users can now use GIS routines on low-cost CAD software.

Spatial Manager: Manage spatial data efficiently even from AutoCAD

Spatial manager cad

Spatial Manager is an application for spatial data management, which works independently. It also has a plugin that gives geospatial capabilities to AutoCAD.

Aula GEO, Online GIS Courses for Engineering, Cadastre and Surveying

AulaGEO is a new and innovative alternative of training, specialized courses oriented to Engineering, Cadastre and Topography. The courses attend an itinerary, which can be taken individually or together, as shown below. Of the most innovative aspects of AulaGEO, are: Custom Courses. They are designed in a modular way, such ...

MDT, A complete solution for Surveying and Engineering projects

With more than 15,000 users in 50 countries and available in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese among other languages, MDT is one of the Spanish-speaking origin applications most appreciated by companies engaged in geoengineering. APLITOP has four families of applications in its portfolio: topographic projects, field applications with total station ...