Geographica starts the year with new GIS courses

A couple of months ago I was talking about the GIS PIPs from Geographica, following what this company does today I want to tell you about what is expected for the year 2012 in terms of the offer of training in the geospatial area.

1. ArcGIS, gvSIG, QGIS and other Geomatic solutions course

GeographicThis will be held in the last two weeks of January 2012. It is divided into two sections, in the first one which is blended (In Seville), the following four topics are included:

  1. Introduction to GIS
    - Introduction to GIS.
    - Duality of information in GIS.
    - Data structure.
    - Possibilities of analysis.
  2. Spatial Data Infrastructures and Standards (IDEs and OGC)
  3. - INSPIRE Directive.
    - Definition of IDE and OGC
    - Types of Services: WMS, WFS, WCS, etc.
    - Access to services through ArcGIS.
  4. Coordinate systems
  5. - Importance of coordinate systems in the management of geographic information.
    - ED50 <> ETRS89 transformation.
  6. ArcGIS as a GIS client
    - General management of the program
    - Edition
    - Selection by attributes and topology.
    - Geoprocesses
    - Graphical output

In a second stage, from January 27 16 hours of online training are covered, but in this case using free software:

5. GIS in free software (online 16 hours)

  • TIG solutions in the field of free gvSIG software for working with vector information Geomarketing course
  • SEXT to perform geoprocesses
  • QGIS and its possibilities


2. A place to do the paid internship

They are offering the opportunity, at the end of the course, to do an internship in Geographica, paid. Attractive for those who do not have a job and want to strengthen their knowledge not necessarily for free.


3. New courses for 2012

Shortly, it will be possible to have access to the courses that are planned for the new year, with the variant that some of them can be taken online:

  • Geomarketing
  • GvSIG
  • Geographic Databases with Open Source Software


More information can be found on the Geographica page

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  1. Very good, where would the courses be taught?

    thank you very much

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