Alternatives to convert from pdf to dxf

Frequently we find maps in pdf, which have been generated from a mapping program, therefore vectorial and we want to import them into ArcMap or AutoCAD. It is curious that being the pdf a well-known format, to which all export and that now even has georeferencing properties none of the popular mapping programs has developed the function of importing even those that he himself generated.

Here are two alternatives.

1. Through a graphic design program

This can work either Adobe Illustrator or Freehand.

The output is to import them from the design program, then export them to dxf that can open any CAD / GIS program, of course you have to understand that the dxf alone has no georeference

2. Through AideCAD

This is A program which converts vectors from pdf to dxf format

PDF to DXF Converter - Convert PDF to DWG, Convert PDF to DXF

Unfortunately both are payment programs although there are trial versions that can get you out of a hurry.

3. Through another solution

I remember seeing another more practical solution, but now I do not remember it; we leave the space for someone to tell us if there is another alternative ... then we finish the post.

already appeared the first:

pdf to dxf to convert 6.5.2

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  1. Thanks for the Froy data, I have indeed tested it and the difference between the free and paid version is that you can do massive conversions over 5 files in batch.

    It also looks interesting that it has a scaling factor option that can help, it also extracts the inserted images into the file.

    of course, it will fall to the coordinate 0,0,0

  2. another ... so there in the for of gabriel ortiz have also mentioned that you can do this procedure from the corel draw (this is a fairly common, but also paid) ... .. I do not know it but it would be interesting to know the quality of the file generated ...... so you have to experiment ... ..

  3. how to tell them that I have done this conversion from a free program called: PDF to DXF Converter 6.5.2, which is good, although when the maple is complex (with many entities to vectorize) the machine stays hung and this is a limitation, the challenge with which I have found is with the procedure to assign georeference to the generated file, because as you mention the dxf lacks georeference, I do it using the georeferency of the arc gis however sometimes it does not work and it does not if it is the correct way to do it, if anyone knows some procedure would appreciate it as well as some other program that does not have the limitation of leaving the machine hanging ... greetings.

    PS I have followed your blog since the first articles that you have uploaded and it seems to me a huge effort and great value, especially for those of us who started GIS issues, just recognize your abilities and thank you in advance for your efforts ...

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