Gabriel Ortiz, Cartesia and Geofumadas join Project Z! Spaces

Z! Spaces ensures your products and services reach the Hispanic market ... all at once!

zspaces-full-copyThree of the most well-known sites in the Hispanic environment within the Geo-Engineering theme announce the launch of the service Z! Spaces, a solution for companies and professionals to position their products and brands just where their potential customers are.

Both GabrielOrtiz and Cartesia and Geofumadas are recognized sites for their contribution to the geospatial field, where for many years users have found learning communities and resolved their doubts regarding issues associated with Geo-Engineering, including:

  • Topography
  • Geographic information systems
  • Civil Engineering
  • Remote sensing
  • Mapping

Aware that the geospatial medium has matured, that in the Hispanic context companies and professionals have much to offer, Z! Spaces is a solution to reach a specialized niche where 250.000 users spend every month, in an 95% of Hispanic countries and generating a total of 550.000 page views.

For the companies, Z! Spaces it is a guarantee to reach the users interested in their products or services, having competitive prices and in different formats. The ads are seen simultaneously in the three sites, thus reaching an unbeatable percentage of Hispanic traffic within the theme and the attraction of investments to the Hispanic context that represent Spain and Latin America.

As well, Z! Spaces offers special prices for small companies, local context or professionals who want to offer their services within a specific country. For these, there are special prices that seek to strengthen Hispanic initiatives.


cartesiaorg167x74 (1)Cartesia is a portal that has been operating since 2001 as a benchmark and recognized brand in the geospatial area, with a diversity of services such as jobs, equipment sales, news and specialized forums.


This is a site that exists since the year 2003, promoted by its author Gabriel Ortiz. It offers a variety of resources, links, specialized documents and a unified reference forum in the answer to questions of the geospatial field.


logogeo1672Geofumadas is a blogging site, born in 2007 under the modality of blogs promoted by Cartesia. From 2011 is an independent domain, with a prioritized focus on reviewing CAD / GIS products in the areas of Engineering, Topography and Geospatial.

If you are interested in increasing your business and reaching the maximum number of customers, do not hesitate to contact us and we will propose the solution that best suits your needs

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  1. excellent platform of help for all we are initiating or penetrating in these geospatial tools for our projects of civil engineering

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