What is Teamviewer - The best for remote support

It is easier to give technical support every day if you take advantage of the Internet connection and remote access programs. This article explains what TeamViewer is and how to take advantage of it from a use case.

The problem:

A cadastral technician, in a municipality with bad access roads, calls us to 48 kilometers away. He mentions that he has the Regidores Corporation in front of him to do a demonstration and that nothing works. Spend 5 minutes in explaining a problem, we invest 10 in wanting to understand -and explain- to finally reach the conclusion that the pressure does not understand the technician and we can hardly give assistance by phone.

I used to work using LogMeIn, which is a very robust platform to access computers remotely via Internet or Intranet. One of these nights, a geofumed friend from Mexico explained to me what TeamViewer is, considering that we would work with a slow connection via modem and connecting with toy laptops (Acer Aspire One netbook). I've taken a surprise after belittling what looked like a very simple tool.

What is TeamViewer and how to run it

Understanding the problem and the solution is the best way to understand what TeamViewer is; Is no more than a solution to display the computer screen remotely.

There To lower it, choosing the platform on which we operate. In this TeamViewer is the best, it can run on Windows, Mac, Linux and even on mobile phones (I-Pad, Android, Iphone). It is necessary that both users run the same version of the program, if not, the system alerts for the user to update; not the operating system but the connectivity tool, which is TeamViewer. It does not matter if you are working on different operating systems.

It is not required to install it, in order to do so, administrator rights are occupied. With the option Login it runs with almost all functionalities; I prefer this because with that every day a new version comes out it becomes a can be installing every time. Furthermore, executing it in this way is free, as long as it is not for commercial purposes.

Once it is executed, the system provides a computer identifier of the form 145 001 342 and a password of 4 digits although it can be customized. This is the number that must be given to the user who wants to connect remotely; it is written in the right panel using the option Remote Assistance And the key is entered.

Team player

Once connected, you can see what the user is doing, including taking control using the mouse or keyboard. There are basic functionalities such as instant messaging with voice and transfer of files that give it more use.

The Solution

The user connects to the Internet, downloads the TeamViewer (if he has not already done so), executes it and sends us the ID / password. With this, you can access the computer and solve the problem; It is even possible to use it to connect to a remote machine where the system is functioning correctly for the duration of the presentation.

TeamViewer potential

The utilities of this tool are multiple. I have just shown the connection via remote support, but there are other options for file transfer, presentations and VPN connection. Also if it is installed there are more options to manage the users, what we share and some others Vericuetos.


Briefly, I see a lot of potential in these times that learning communities are giving a different value to the classic training if we take advantage of connectivity.

  • A utility can be for remote support purposes, it is even possible that several users connect to the same machine, being able to be seen by different users of different specialties. As for example, the programmer, the mapping technician and the local support technician; in order to solve complex problems.
  • Another interesting utility is for remote presentations, such as displaying a system that is installed on a desktop machine or occupying data that can not be moved on an external disk.
  • Also for training purposes, it is very functional. A technician can be giving a lecture to the other side of the world, and having different users connected to the process, even interacting with each other.
  • It can also be very handy, if you are going to travel, and expect to have access to the computer that we left in the office.

The paid version allows support for more equipment, including creating a custom panel to distribute, which can already carry the key, logo and colors that does not look like TeamViewer.

According to what the company says about TeamViewer, the connection is encrypted and security is guaranteed. However, users should be taught what is happening when providing remote access, because it can be used maliciously for espionage purposes.


Download and see what TeamViewer is.

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  1. It is my favorite program, I work for clients and I use teamviewer to refine my order details, before I used it to do group tasks at my university, with the program it makes life easier for you.

  2. If you are interested in other remote desktop connection software options, you may also want to try Ammyy Admin (http://www.ammyy.com/), Requires no installation, registration, or specific configuration settings.

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