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Finally, the database is almost debugged after a migration from WordPress MU in Cartesians to a domain hosted in Cpanel. For this, several plugins and access to phpmyadmin have kept me entertained.

Several days - And nights - to come and go. Here are some lines, then I think I'm finally ready to write again.

  • For being a WordPress-mu-1.2.4 version and moving to a WordPress version 3.0.4 there are many things along the way that were not a simple export / import.
  • Accessing the database was valuable, to erase a bestiality of things that are left in the trash basket but as long as they are not disposed of, they make extra weight. I noticed it because although it had eliminated spam, the export took a lot, and I feel that in those versions it has a gap because it was still new spam.
  • Akismet It's a big help, it saves being erasing spam in the comments. Geofumadas comcategories
  • Broken link checker It is very good help to identify and repair links that no longer exist. It's funny, but not updating those links makes you lose the ranking to the domains. Pages that no longer live, that changed structure, that made their links more friendly, comments with invalid urls, finger errors, anyway. A great help the plugin, it has been useful to me to know of many things that I wrote and that now have ceased to exist.
  • The current versions of the Import plugin They have the option of passing the images of the gallery to the new domain. But for many reasons not all come, for example if they had stayed in another domain, they do not come, nor the images that were placed in a structure other than the conventional or those that are miniature.
  • The plugin has been very useful Add Linkded Images to Gallery. This does the job of looking for images not imported and bring them, with the disadvantage that does not have an instance to warn why it is hanging, I thought it was too content, so I was doing by categories, but never passed AutoCAD or Topography. The whole thing was because the storage space had already run out and the plugin could not tell. I noticed it when I wanted to create a new folder from Cpanel, that the message appeared; I asked to be enlarged and everything went again.
  • The battle of death has been with the TimThumb script, which requires adjusting the rights in the wp-content and other folders within the Arthemia template (script and cache). Finally after reading in many forums, juggling unnecessary, that was all that occupied. It seems that moving from WP MU affects some things and touching the .htaccess was the least expected.
  • I still have to fix the permalinks, because I changed the structure to make links with the search engines more friendly. For this the plugin Permalinks Migration Is doing a great job in redirecting, and once I find a pattern I will see if I fix them all from the database.
  • Seo friendly images Helped me because many pictures had no description or had little useful value.

Now comes the good, as long as I follow up on broken links, you have to continue with the optimization plan.

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