Trap in apparent Gmail messages

An email has been arriving from the account with a message like the one I show below or something similar.

1 In the final installation of the new Gmail® in the light of the protection of our member users of the Gmail® messaging service against SPAMS, we expect the closure of all unused accounts. We will be forced to close your account to allow decongestion of our network. To confirm the authenticity of your E-mail address, correctly complete the following form, otherwise your Gmail® account will be permanently and irrevocably suppressed.

* Gmail messaging service address:

* Password:

* Last name and name:

* Country and City:

2 Confirm your password and your Gmail® messaging service address by transmitting the information requested in response to this message in a time of 72 hours. After this time, we will not be able to guarantee the conservation of your courier service address.

3 This request will allow us to fix your courier service address in order not to lose it in the expiration of the last service of Gmail®

4. Your data will be treated confidentially and you can continue on Gmail®. With everything new Gmail®, you can :

Have a quick overview of your messages in the reading panel. Easily organize your mail through the functionality to slide / deposit eclectronic mails to the sleep file. Indicate several emails at the same time. With the millions of cow, it passes in one message to another. Instantly receive your new emails without having to update your navigator. Mail and Messenger gathered: Discuss you live or by email (soon available) and always, you access your email whenever you want, where you are even with his phone.

The team Gmail®

Customer Service

Although in these times the trick is already well known, there are still people who can fall into the trap to see an account like that, the tone or the color of the html. However, anyone could open an account with that name, total will always be @ The dependence that we now have on email and what is stored inside may make us run for answer because the time it takes is 72 hours.

While an experienced user with Gmail can find obvious evidence, such as poor spelling and translation. But here a couple of tips just in case:

inspire europe 1 Use common sense The Gmail policies say that you will never ask for a password by mail, which moves us to ensure that it is a trap.

2 Consult on the Internet. With writing a paragraph in the search engine, sure someone has already made the query.

3 Report the identity theft. This should not be stopped, because it is the way Gmail will prevent the damage.

4 Check the details. When selecting from the tab the option "show original", you can see the header where the email was sent from. Now it is possible to send an email not necessarily from within the account and even the one who sent it can receive it without entering it.

If you answered by mistake, the urgent thing is to change the password immediately. Not only here, but in other accounts even if you are using a different password, because they are usually not so interested in viewing your mail, but access to data from other services such as credit cards or Paypal. These apart from collecting your data, you can get money in less time than what it takes to think of a new password.

See that before the message you see that the account was used as an exit service, and that the other is just an associated alias. Then below it is seen that a spammer provoked the issue from a series of aliasing characters, so that each email will carry a different ID, each reader would have to report it as identity theft. The one who can create a spammer like this, surely has a similar one that automatically acts on the response, stealing the data of other services automatically and without leaving a trace.

inspire europe

Google must have already acted blocking the pattern used, although it may have taken a few minutes (or hours), enough time for some unsuspecting respondents to respond to the email. I know because he just came to me without a phishing warning.

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