3 Plugins for WordPress worth investing in

WordPress represents one of the best examples of how Open Source can become a business model in which everyone benefits at an affordable price and under conditions of service that do not have to envy the private model.

It is nothing less than the platform on which They are mounted more than half of dynamic content sites on the Internet, preferred by the most important blogs. For those who want to set up a site, WordPress does not cost a five, if it has a hosting and domain, with a little insistence You can enter a world where thousands of plugins, templates and a collaborative update service that has become more than amazing.

In this case I want to show three Codecanyon plugins that are not free, but for which it is worth investing a few dollars:

1. Paid Dowloads Pro

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This helps to monetize content or download links. Assuming you have a file of your property and want to sell it on the Internet, it allows you to link a PayPal account, among other payment methods that can be associated with credit or debit cards.

With this, you can associate the download files, so that the user to make their payment receives a link with a few days of validity as configured.

While there are others, this is the most functional, it allows attractive buttons and downloads never fail. Prices can be changed at any time and if an 0.00 price is used, the button becomes a direct download with which offers or promotions could be offered eventually.

It hardly costs 14 dollars, which insurance pays to itself very soon. Each time a sale arrives, an email notifies of the payment, the user name that has purchased the product, the PayPal transfer status and in a panel you can monitor how the transactions are going.

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2. Facebook Like To Download

This is another plugin, similar to the previous one with the difference, that allows users to pay the download with a Like on the Facebook page.

Very practical, it helps to increase the number of fans on Facebook, something that anyone can do today, adding a value added by the download.

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There is also a similar plugin that works with Twitter.

3 Customize the Sidebar (Custom Widget Areas)

It calls my attention in particular because it allows defining the specific content that we want to be shown in the sidebar of the blog / site either by specific post, category, page, search, etc.

An interesting tool if we want to communicate a particular message or advertisement in a very popular article. Like directing traffic from a category or even annoying broken pages. It costs 15 dollars, but it's worth it.

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cc_300x250_v2These are just three examples of WordCress Plugins from Codecanyon. But there you can find categorized plugins for Joomla, Drupal and codes from 5 dollars ready to use in php, JavaScript, .NET and HTML5 languages.

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  1. He is certainly muito for conheça isto assunto. I really gosto
    all or pontos você fez.

  2. Among the three I stay with the Facebook, today to create a good community of facebook is almost as much as to get paid for a download, in the long run, it is convenient. Greetings.

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