The good side of the Ipad

My last trips forced me literally to accept in exchange for a point of view in doubt an Ipad, among the courage to remain without charge in a flight of 11 hours, the fury of traveling by land 27 hours because of Aeroméxico -What a calamity- and the pica by the suggestion of a friend who already had me almost convinced. Finally before the year ended I ended up scratching the questioned rosette stone by the belly and pinking the dreamed white manzanita on the back, a little ...

Ipad alternatives

My fear was in the same questions released by the geeks, the poor I-kotex (Is pronounced the same in English) was won in the first morning a series of ridicule and criticism that many came to think was one of the first mistakes of Mac. After almost a week of being cross it, here are my arguments why I decided not to return it:

1 It's Apple. This is definitely the reason Ipad alternativesstronger because the Ipad has sold so much, because other prototypes that make it compete and win for miles (and price). But it is a Mac, and in just a few months there are thousands of applications of large and small companies developing for Ipad -Free and pay-.

I love the Lenovo Ideapad hybrid with the versatility of being Laptop and disassembled as a tablet but beyond the review of friends from Home, I believe you if you find it in a store (Or in the estore). There is also fear of HP Slate, With two cameras, usb, digital pen and other wonders but although HP is a brand very popularized in the world, in Gadgets It is not, and if you want to buy one of those toys you have to do it in the United States, London, a big city or wait a couple of weeks for it to arrive. But these toys are cravings for geeks, Who buy them because they overcome the compulsion and this has understood Mac well that has spread its stores almost anywhere, where you can see, touch and buy from a simple Ipod nano to a Macbook Air.

Ipad alternatives 1 It is not an Iphone. Many questioned that it looked like four Ipod together, and criticized that it was just one more article. But while it is true that what the functionalities are similar, applications will never be. So do not expect the Ipad to have phone functions, it's not for that.

See the entertainer of Bentley demonstrating a prototype on Microstation that allowed to navigate virtually inside a plant with many tubes and valves left me with great satisfaction. Also see AutoDesk recently back to Mac with all its design battery. And it is, that the applications for GIS / CAD are not going to let wait, because this finally will allow that the consultation in field stop being a simple Redline and become an online interaction with the data; thing for which the tablet is almost ready. They will then be what the PDA could never be for reasons of size -Which in this case if that matters-.

Apple ipad 2 It is not a Laptop. It has no USB slots, no camera, no built-in physical keyboard. It has nothing of that. Because it is not a laptop. It's made to work in the cloud, that's why everything has a button to send by mail, that's why you're always looking for a wireless network, that's why the 3G works so neatly and Latitude Puts you on the map right where you are.

Although for those who do not get used to the virtual keyboard, there are toys that make it a nice backpack to write more comfortable.

Well, then what is it?

3 It's an expensive notebook. The office applications are relatively cheap, in general they go for the 5 dollars; competitive and compatible with Office and in many cases superior. So for common work there is no need to worry, you just have to learn to scratch like an armadillo and understand things that were compiled with Office, but in the same way and more attractive is Pages (Word), Numbers (Excel) and Keynote (Powerpoint) ).

Ipad alternatives

The majority of applications seek to replace what we do with an agenda that in May no longer has pages available, the four notebooks that need to be charged in the afternoon to university, the laptop where you have to see the email every 30 minutes, Freehand drawings.

In short, it is a gadgets. It is another type of object that will change our way of doing things, albeit light years after what Bill Gates wanted, with maturity and style. As Nokia taught us to message with a finger, Mac is teaching us how to do it with yolks and fingernails.

Big smoked Apple, with the panel of Itunes everything is done. From there the operating system version is updated, every time it connects it makes a backup just in case. You just have to write and all the little colorful buttons fall that if you do not control in a while you have put 34 dollars to the card in matters that you will not occupy.

There is no time to question it, because there will be as many applications as businesses can exist. What if it will be multitasking, it is a matter of waiting for a new version of OS, we will have Chrome for Ipad, calm, calm, what is convenient is to buy once the 64 GB with Wifi + 3G because it will not change the chassis, there will only be more capacity with the same shell. An impossible dream with PC.

For now my daughter leaves me surprised with the drawings she makes with AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro, my son bought SpongeBob with the bottom of Bikini with his Farmville coins and there he passes it with a finger touching the surfboard so that Patricio jumps about the jellyfish. And me… TeamViewer To operate the desktop PC, Skype y Facebook To do business, Chapters to finish writing my book, Note Taker to write / draw almost everything, WordPress For geofumar ... and expect the cloud to come down for CAD / GIS applications.

Others ... sure do not occupy an Ipad.

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