Fast X-ray of Geofumadas in more than 75 months

After a year and a half of having become independent under the domain, we have reached more than 70,000 monthly visits. That's enough and for those who follow this site from its origins will see that in the time very few things that have had drastic modifications, rather some issues have been sustained. Personally, after 1,200 articles I must admit that I have learned a lot. Much more than the readers who arrive here and when I see statistics I feel that there are many things that have changed. While visitors find a trick they did not know or the answer to their query on Google, others differ from the writer's approach, others who have their sites receive visits from Geofumadas, the most practical follow through rss or social networks and others They subscribe to receive it in the mail without coming to the site. That set is what makes understand how this works and how it differs from what I imagined in the first four months there by 2007. In short, you learn to have criteria, to investigate more and respect that of others; already said one of my technicians and particular mentors, who Where there are two who think alike, one is over. Travel3 The decrease in the number of publications is notorious, although it is justified that many short topics now go to social networks, but there are also programs that I have stopped talking about with the same intensity and the time that I now have to dedicate myself to writing is less. The list has an article for each month since June of 2007 when Geofumadas came out thanks to the initiative of Cartesia, which coincided with the concern that I had to write about technological issues associated with the geospatial area. I like this list because besides being based on pages of higher traffic, it marks milestones of this experience. In colors are marked the topics that are permanent in this selection:

  • 16 are associated with Google Earth, Which represents almost the fourth part
  • 16 have to do with AutoCAD and its vertical applications. It is not surprising for its positioning although you can see that 2011 and 2009 were the most moving subjects. And while I've talked so much about Microstation As of AutoCAD, just 5 selection themes became so popular.
  • About GPS, cadastre And Related Applications Are 13 Articles
  • And black 8 routine themes personal. Some would change them -Not in the background, yes in tone-. But it was my point of view on that date. It is also noticeable the decrease of these issues, most were written in 2008. Not that they have ceased to exist, but have not become popular with other items of higher traffic. You can see them in the category Leisure and inspiration.

Also included is a column with the approximate amount of articles per month, quite interesting because it verifies a posture that:

«Not for writing more, we will have more readers».

Enjoy the list.

January 2013 Geofumadas: 25 influential accounts that follow us 4
February Google Earth 7 limits the rectification of orthographic images 7
March View and convert dwg files from different versions of AutoCAD 7
April Bentley ProjectWise, the first thing to know 10
Mayo 15 Twitter accounts to follow ... one year later 5
June Manual for appraisal cadastral urban 4
July Model cadastre : The Webinar 6
August Comparison of GPS Compass - Leica, Magellan, Trimble and Topcon 6
January 2012 The closing of Megaupload and Other reflections 14
February From Excel to Google Earth From UTM coordinates 7
March Export list of geographic coordinates to Google Earth, From Excel, with image and rich text 12
April 15 Twitter accounts to follow 6
Mayo Stay inspired! Letter to my collaborators 7
June The Great Year of Google Chrome 8
July Free Remote Sensing Book 12
August GPS Compass y Google Earth In Cooperation 8
September Free course of AutoCAD, Available for download 6
October Posify, centimetric precision GPS Compass Low cost 9
November What are Bentley and Trimble? 5
December SuperGIS, first impression 5
January 2011 How to know when Google updates images From a place 11
February XYZtoCAD, work coordinates with AutoCAD 9
March News from AutoCAD 2012, part one 15
April Gaia GPS, To capture GPS, Ipad and mobile routes 10
Mayo UTM and geographic coordinates in Google Maps 15
June Georeferencing a file CAD 23
July Video tutorials from AutoCAD, Free for 7 days 15
August Open multiple kml files in Google Maps 15
September What brings back the Global Mapper 13 15
October Google Curiosities Street View 15
November Create alignments in CivilCAD 19
December 5 news from AutoCAD 2013 20
January 2010 Change background color: AutoCAD o Microstation 22
February Generate contour lines with ArcGIS 14
March GPS Compass Babel, the best to operate data 13
April Download data from total station 16
Mayo GPS Compass Mobile Mapper 6, post-processing data 12
June Microstation: Layout for printing 4
July Top issues of the Acer Aspire One 7
August Deciding by MapServer 7
September Alibre, the best for mechanical design 3D 7
October How MapServer Works 11
November Problems with the text editor: Microstation V8 In Vista and Windows 7 19
December AutoCAD WS, the best of AutoDesk for web 20
January 2009 Learn AutoCAD Civil 3D, valuable resources 31
February What brings again AutoCAD 2010 31
March What will your technology be like? In 50 years 37
April Connect Manifold with Open Sreet Map 25
Mayo civil 3D, Road design, 1 lesson 29
June Display a georeferenced image in Google Earth 23
July Quantum GIS first impression 29
August Difference between images of Google Earth Pro and Google Earth free 27
September Download street maps of Google Earth 14
October See AutoCAD 2010 as AutoCAD 2007 17
November 40+ Lisp routines 16
December Associate a map with an Excel table 18
January 2008 27 Years of Microstation 40
February The 7 principles of the multilayer model 40
March A pedestrian bridge with the DNA structure 46
April World Wind, the Google Earth NASA 49
Mayo How to Kill a Beach 47
June Geofumadas: de Cadastre Multipurpose 24
July I also have a life 33
August One day In the life of Geofumadas 13
September Same story now With GPS 37
October Geofumadas, mi private life 44
November Manifold IMS, doing something else 29
December Geofumadas, what accompanies My gray hairs 29
June 2007 ¿How our world changed Google Earth? 2
July ¿Google Earth For use of Cadastre? 6
August A history Of love for geomatics 2
September How accurate are the images of Google Earth 6
October A non-frame-based projection 10
November AutoCAD And their 25 years 38
December Can you impress with a Only map? 26

In the photo, the creatures on a recent trip to the interior.

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