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Where to find resources and games for Mac

Today there are many sites to download games and other resources for PC, however for mac there is no such variety and it is necessary to search with a magnifying glass, many times without much success.

Mac Games and more is a good alternative, with an interesting business model and although its emphasis is the games for mac you can find a diversity of useful applications as its emphasis is to keep weekly news of software and hardware for Macintosh.

mac games

But what I have liked about Mac Games has not only been its offer of games and resources, but the way in which it has implemented simple but very practical strategies to make its business work; Let's see your strategy of your business model:

Customer orientation

games for mac 1 MacGames and more is designed primarily to provide users of mac computers, links, reviews and downloads of games and resources ... all from the same site and without confusion of their main business.

Developer Orientation

games for macintosh Also under the Free mac games concept, it has created a strategy to support game developers, so that they can promote new games through their site and also review them. This allows you in an intermediate way to monetize your site and promote new ideas. His mac blog adds another value to this, where users can find out what's new and comment on products.

Vendor orientation

games for apple The other concept adopted by this site is the criteria: “if I don't have it, then let's say who does”, so if someone is looking for mac mahjong to give an example, some sponsored links and product displays from other sites allow to find resources on other sites based on the user's search; thus allowing dropouts to leave added value.

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