Geofumadas, 1 year in Social Networks

A year ago I decided to put Geofumadas into the context of Social Networks. The figures are crude and they speak very little, but I want to take advantage of the article to express my perception about it.

January 2012. Followers on Facebook ......... 15,946

January 2012. Followers on Twitter ...... .. 1,079

I admit, it cost him to find attractive sense to the subject of social networks, including more than once the critiqué as spaces to waste time. However after a couple of years I must admit that they play a significant role in the dissemination of knowledge and are an irreversible trend in the semantic web, as they constitute a new Internet based on people and not the conventional page-based.

The two platforms are different, they share very little about the "social" utility, because while Facebook becomes obsessive about the need to find familiar people, Twitter exploits the need of people to know what is happening at this time. But what has made companies see it with big eyes, is because what is in there are real people -cases-, segmented and connected by common interests. Maybe there will be a bubble of falsehood, but we can not deny that these networks work by connecting people who have a real life of which they share something in their context.

The role played by Facebook and Twitter is similar to that of news programs on a radio or television. They are interesting at this time, but they will go to the abyss of the wall and will not be consulted again as with a newspaper three days ago, which only serves to wrap fish.

So out of the common interest person-person, for businesses the gain is in the audience, because as it grows, a message on the wall is read a lot of followers, if they are interested they share it and so the viral chain brings more followers.

facebookHow useful is Facebook for businesses

The most common use is to connect people, families, find the companions of that year in the boarding school, etc. The obsessive is even dangerous, but already a common magic; We attended a birthday from a nephew and in a moment are the photos where if we neglect we are tagged with full cheeks.

Beyond that, for businesses or sites, the viral reach is impressive. Reaching almost 16,000 followers in a year has left me pondering what will be Facebook in the future. The advertising invested there is very effective, because you can choose to see an advertisement only people between 22 and 45 years, who live in specific countries, who share common interests in words such as AutoCAD, gvSIG, dgn, kml, topography, etc. . As a result, you get loyal followers to what you expect with the exception of age, because here there are a lot of children who have had to lie on their date of birth to be accepted by Facebook.

But outside of finding followers, you can learn a lot from those followers who have said Like to our site:

For example, the statistic of Geofumadas fans shows that 18% of my readers are women, 82% are men. The largest group (28%) is between 25 and 34 years, generally finishing college and at its best stage of productivity. This can not be easily seen in Google Analytics.

facebook geofumadas

It takes some time to be able to walk a fan site, because it is not only to replicate the contents published on the website. There is a need to add additional topics that are viral, such as photographs and videos. Additionally you can add artifacts with which you can insert other data, as I have done, including AdSense ads on a Facebook page, which I previously thought you could not. The interaction of users who share or choose content as I like are the best proof of what works best, as each site and audience is different.

facebook geofumadas

twitterWhat is Twitter useful for?

Unlike Facebook, Twitter does not have a social structure based on people, but rather on issues. Although the same, everything you say ends up on the wall, and will be lost in the abyss as time passes, with less recycling because there are no profiles, functional searches and there is less interaction with videos or photographs.

It is impossible to supplant the social use of Facebook with Twitter, because its characteristics are different. But the power of influence is greater than on Facebook. The followers are valued more, because fidelity is also of higher quality; If you spam or publish banal issues you will immediately notice the "unfollow". There is no way to promote yourself in ads, unless you are willing to invest 5,000 daily dollars; which only big companies or artists do.

facebook geofumadas

It is very practical to find useful content to recycle by writing, or know the sites that look like what we do. Unlike Facebook, there is less to do here, although insurance will evolve over time to offer more usability as is the case of pages for companies that was recently implemented. Also the way as third-party applications make the content more attractive than in the official site, makes it grow its utility especially in mobile.

Other networks

The companies also exploit LinkedIn, although I personally use it more for professional contacts, for what is very good.

Youtube is very powerful and is used by those who produce multimedia content.

Others ... walk around, with smaller contexts.

In conclusion

Works. There is more traffic coming from social networks, but the biggest gain is in knowing more of the followers. The sites and companies should be integrated to this, although initially do not know exactly why, the process is irreversible, as are the subscription lists and syndicated content.

Here you can follow Geofumadas on Facebook

Here you can follow Geofumadas on Twitter

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