60 Comparison Table Total Stations

In the case of surveying equipment, it is very frequent to make a comparison between one model and another, be it from the same brand or from the competition. Each company includes a detail of its products, but making comparison tables is a complicated task.

Topcomputer comparing sokkia topcomOn this, the magazine Point of Beginning, specialized in the area of ​​geo-engineering and whose Digital version is free,  has done a great job for over 5 years. You just have to select the equipment, which can be models from the same or different manufacturer, and after pressing the "compare" button, a comparative table of the characteristics of what we have selected is displayed.

Topcomputer comparing sokkia topcom

This magazine in each edition contains reviews of different teams, and for each year an update is released that includes the new models. For that matter, this is the review for 2009 that includes 11 manufacturers and 60 different models of Total Station, which I summarize in the following table:


Equipment Included

Topcomputer comparing sokkia topcom Trimble Trimble 5600
Trimble 3600
Trimble M3
Trimble S8
Trimble S6
Topcomputer comparing sokkia topcom SOKKIA SRX
30R Series
Series 20
Series SET X
30RK Series
Topcomputer comparing sokkia topcom Leica Geosystems Inc. TPS1200 + Professional Series
FlexLine Series
Leica Builder
System 2000
Topcomputer comparing sokkia topcom Topcon GPT 9000 Series
GTS 230W Series
GTS-750 Series
GPT-3000LW Series
CTS 3000 series
GPT-3100W Series
GTS 100N series
GPT 7500 series
GTS-900 series
Topcomputer comparing sokkia topcom Nikon / Tripod Data Systems NPL-502 Series
NPR-302 Series
DTM-302 Series
DTM-502 Series
DTM-602 Series
NPL-602 Series
Topcomputer comparing sokkia topcom SOUTH NTS-960R WINDOWS SERIES
Topcomputer comparing sokkia topcom Pentax / Western Latitudes R-300NX Series
R-800EX Series
V-200 Series
R-300EX Series
R-800NX Series
Topcomputer comparing sokkia topcomCST / berger CST 200 Series
CST300R Series
CST 200 Series
Topcomputer comparing sokkia topcom Laser Technology, Inc. MapStar AE LPS
TruPulse 360
MapStar CM LPS
TruPulse AE LPS
Topcomputer comparing sokkia topcom Spectra Precision / Tripod Data Systems Focus 10 Servo & Robotic
Focus 4
Focus 4W
Topcomputer comparing sokkia topcom Suzhou FOIF Co., Ltd, OTS6800
OTS702 / 703 / 705
RTS702 / 703 / 705

Topcomputer comparing sokkia topcom I think it's an excellent job, Points of Beginning Here you can see the table, although it is not the only type of comparisons they have. I also recommend that you Subscribe to the magazine, whose specialty is geo-engineering (it has existed since 1975). Printed only exists in the United States, it is free for companies in the field, internationally there is the Digital version, and of course, it's free.

Unfortunately in the year 2010 the page that developed the comparison stopped operating.

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  1. I want to buy a total station and my budget adapts between a spectra 2 focus and a Nikon dtm-322.
    in your experience which of these two you recommend me.
    Thank you

  2. Good afternoon I am interested in buying a Total Station SOKKIA 630rk I would like to know what version is this Total Station and how good is it? Someone who can advise me for fa

  3. A foif, from what I see, is an inexpensive brand and it is increasingly accepted ...

  4. Excuse me, I need information about the total station, FOCUS prior to the 6 CARA, SOFTWARE AND COMPLEMENTS FOR INFORMATION DOWNLOAD, THANKS

  5. I need a comparison between the Trimble 5605 station and the Trimble 3605 station.
    Thank you very much

  6. In what country do you live?

    I have good experiences with Sokkia SET, although there are other brands.

  7. I need to acquire a total station, economic mark but that resist to the work which is the recommended one

  8. interesting since there are the characteristics that they have and one can compare the station that it requires and take an accepted determination

  9. Fair !!!! Without further ado, my dear ... Fair !!! Thank you! 🙂

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