Create Curves with Global Mapper

Global Mapper is one of those strange programs, that are worth very little to pirate them and that for that reason usually go unnoticed. What I am going to do in this exercise I have already done with other programs before:

  • With Bentley Site... wow it cost me a while, as there are no tutorials
  • With AutoCAD Civil 3D... yes I gave a can, but I finally succeeded.
  • With Softdesk 8... I loved it, too bad I only used dwg 14 files
  • With Manifold GIS... easy, but not much more
  • With ArcGIS... practical but requires 3D Analyst
  • With ContouringGE... you can, but it's lucky and just with DEM Google Earth
  • With Civil CAD... very simple and practical

It's funny, with Global Mapper being made just in 3 steps:

1. Import data

File / open ASCI text files. It is surprising to know how many formats this program accepts, including V8. In this case I am using a file with extension .xyz

Then we choose that the data only bring points, not lines. At the beginning, it asks if we want to assign georeference when it comes to files that do not have it, this does very well even lets you configure by default one that we use very frequently.

Create contour lines with global mapper

2. Generate the digital model

Here it is only selected in the layer of layers, The points file that we have imported, we make the right button and choose the option Create elevation grid from vector data.

Create contour lines with global mapper

3. Generate level curves

For that, you select File> Generate Contours.

Create contour lines with global mapper

So simple could not be. To show it in 3D only a button is pressed and in a click it is exaggerated or it diminishes the elevation z, what with the other programs is usually another complexity.

Create contour lines with global mapper

Global mapper profilesGlobal Mapper is a great program, it does not do everything but what it does is achieved very easily. Although the management of its interface is somewhat obtuse and its help is quite poor, the tutorials that walk around have been built by users.

Then, to generate a profile, it is done with the 3D Path Profile tool, we make a stroke on the map in plan and then right mouse button.

Interesting and simple, the profile can be a polyline. Best of all, you should not be making so many configurations in the process, as the system calculates ranges and approximates the vertical and horizontal scale.

Although they can also be set manually.

... I spent some time looking for how to change that annoying yellow background color ... it is done from the menu View> background color....

Download Global Mapper

13 Replies to "Create contours with Global Mapper"

  1. I get straight lines, I do not know how to make them look curved, does anyone know?

  2. good morning to see if you can help me, I generate the images from a google earth in global mapper but when the curves are generated they do not soften as they should be are lines instead of curves I have to do about it, thanks

  3. To create the contours in the 15.0 version, go to Analysis - Generate Contours.
    I hope this helps someone.


  4. Hello, I would like to know how I can export structures in 3D to google earth from Global Mapper

  5. Hello friends, I have the 10 version. But I do not know how to put the SCALE that I wanted to generate my contours

  6. because when I open my file exported from global maper to autocad, I open it and I can only see it in the layout sheet but not in the model

  7. Use UTM projection and the data you export will be georeferenced as you want it in AutoCAD. If you use geographic coordinates it won't work for you.

  8. I have a doubt with this program ... Can't find a way to export the contours, but with a grid of coordinates that allow them to be referenced so that they can be located on another map, .. !!!! or some kind of reference with coordinates, since when I export them to dwg I can't mount it with other maps ..
    Clarification ... !! I have an urban map but no curves, this program generates them but I can not mount them with coordinates or references .. Thanks ..!

  9. I try to make contours in Global Mapper if I can buy it. When I select the data source online, I can not download. I have chosen maps that do not say that it is mandatory to be registered.
    It will be a lack of update in my team ?, will be for not being registered ?. I think it comes first, but what it does is that it crashes

  10. I have done it with Global Mapper version 10, I don't know if previous versions already supported it. Although this example was done with the 11 version.

  11. I did not think it could be done with this program. I've done it with ArcGis. My question is, in what version can this application be made ?. Greetings.

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