Hello…. there is someone there?


Do you know of any technique for stress normalization under less extreme precision parameters than the trim applied to the left arm veins?

That the memory does not collapse the CPU more of the 70%, considering that I have like 15 things to do, four nights of sleeplessness, two boys desperate to leave of walk, a wedding that I can not lose ... and a kind of disenchantment with respect to the Thickness of style in the layout at the screen level.

…if it's not too much to ask.

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  1. Hi Jesus, the comment doesn't bother me at all. I don't think it's spam and I know it doesn't come from you.

    It's part of the folklore of the web, that's why I let it happen.

  2. ummm regarding the comment of pajillero, from geomarketingspain we do not have or believe we have no problem with geofumadas.
    That comment and publicity does not come from the blog, I hope it does not bother you from our part.


  3. take some valerian pills for a few days at night and have a relaxed sleep you will see the change in a few days

  4. a good Yucatecan with three lemons and sleep a full day as if the world did not exist

  5. See, sometimes we ourselves contribute to increasing our stress levels. I suggest you PRIORITIZE your activities; because unfortunately EVERYTHING is not going to be able to realize it. Accept this terrible reality, my friend. Unless you clone and still, you would not be yourself to attend all the events ...

    The next thing is to choose the type of activity that you will use to relax, I do not know which is the one that you prefer ... and OBLIGATE to assign a time in your agenda. Your health will thank you.
    Greetings from Peru

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