Fix Smart Quotes for Straight Quotes in Microsoft Word

This is often a problem, when we edit an html text in Microsoft Word or Live Writter.

The problem is a code like

"/ Questions-about-technologies-cad /"> Strange Questions About CAD Technologies

It will give us trouble, since the quotation marks we occupy should be the straight lines as follows:

«/ Questions-about-technologies-cad /«> Strange Questions About CAD Technologies

When we want to replace in Word, it ignores us, and when we have some type of font where the change is not perceived, madness is worse. So here are some recommendations:

1. With Live Writter

We must keep the options that are going to affect us off. Including the long dash field, remember that a label of type Would be lost, in case we do a copying / pasting of Word to LiveWritter or the WordPress editor.

Quotation marks

The problem can be insignificant until we copy html content from WordPress or a code editor and paste it into LiveWritter, or into Word.

2. With Microsoft Word

This is done from "File> Options", just like in LiveWritter. Be careful, you have to make the change in the AutoFormat and Actions tabs, as indicated in the following image:

Quotation marks

3. How to replace the typographical quote by the straight quote

In case it already exists, then a search / replace is done. Recall that in this option, Word does not allow the difference, but since the quotation mark option is inactive, it will replace all with straight quotation marks.

Quotation marks

To disable this at WordPress level, you must use the plugin Wpuntexturize

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