Comparisons for the purchase of topographic equipment

When purchasing a measuring equipment, comparison tables are very useful to make decisions. For the case, the purchase of a total station, apart from the economic criteria, the technical criteria could include:

  • Minimum range in distance with a prism
  • Accuracy in angle and distance
  • Software utilities (internal)
  • Software language
  • Internal Memory
  • Accessories

These terms of reference for the purchase of a total station by the Quindio Autonomous Corporation is an example of this:

comparative stations total

Well, browsing I found a page of Mertind Argentina, where is a good amount of comparison tables for total stations, gps, levels and distance meters, levels and others.


comparative stations total

Of course, the comparison is under the manufacturer's parameters and there are only the brands that this company distributes, however, it is worth disclosing the link. There are also some other tables regarding the type of equipment that is required according to the work to be done, such as:

  • What total station do I need?
  • What level do I need?
  • What receivers do I need?

    Here I leave the link, if one day it may be useful I recommend downloading the tables because in these times a website today is ... tomorrow is forever down or changes domain.

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    1. ready, click html was wrong. A couple of them are a bit heavy so they take a bit.

      Let me know if you follow a broken link.

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