Approximately 10 loose sentences of the catracha crisis

Copy of 06-03-09_0829... after giving me two pinches on the arm, I ended up accepting that I was not dreaming.

Yes Honduras denounced the letter of the OAS with immediate effect, and the OAS expels Honduras, Zelaya is in the air?

... so many Nicaraguans and Venezuelans in the cities; something is plotting.

... some are half obsolete, they talked about putting a replica of Radio Venceremos and get aerial photographs on the black market, they told them that with the Internet and Google Earth it is no longer necessary.

... that ironic, this year by request of Honduras the penalty to Cuba in the OAS was removed, and this same country was suspended.

... while the United States celebrates its independence 233 today, Honduras gains global repudiation.

... how terrible, there could be an invasion of Chávez today and the whole world would applaud him.

... when I was in sixth grade, and we arrived before the teacher with a complaint because someone had beaten us, always saying: "Show me your blood". So if the president dawns with the pajamas of bunnies in Costa Rica, without blows, then there is no blow ?.

IMG_0096 ... between falling into the meddling of capitalism, the invasion of Chavismo or the complicity of petty interest groups ... makes you want to go to eat at another restaurant. Hunger could wait six months, pressure, who knows.

... to all this, if I do not agree with either end, is it no longer a village? because that's the name of the two.

This Polache if that became famous, they sing it in the meetings of the Alliance for the Democracy and execute live with the Resistance against the coup.


... when the town realizes that it continues eating mT3rda, the poles will change, and thus they could continue until, out of exhaustion, Ursula calls them to order.

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  1. My dear Enrique, the politicians of the trade (because politics itself is not bad) have put the country in a eggplant, which now have no idea how to remove.

    Everything is summed up in the interest in power, this is recognized by the population (although not all are bad), on both sides there are many apples with few sanitary conditions.

    ... the ambiguity could be good, as long as there is no winner. It works for me because I have a lot of pessimistic optimism; I am convinced that new leadership must emerge.

    a greeting

  2. I read your blog for a couple of months and I admired your skill with the software and the management of maps. Now that I have had a chance to investigate your position regarding the problems that afflict your nation, I admire your intellectual ability too much (not surprisingly, given how you carry the blog).

    With regard to loose phrases. Joer! Ambiguity is a situation that leads us to put aside the final positions regarding the crisis and this can become against us sooner or later.

    We call ourselves apolitical (I include myself because I suffer from being a skeptical technocrat, that is, I only believe in politicians who do their job well for society, even if I am not at all clear about what society wants 😉) and many of us cross out of being in favor of those who are against and against those who are in favor. But it is that way of looking at things in such a way that they let us live and live as best we can that many fundamentalists and ideologists do not fit in the head and the "people" are hardly interested in knowing.

    To conclude, since my idea is not to argue about who is right, I leave you another couple of interesting questions:

    If everything has been under the legal framework why close media, cut off energy and internet, persecute politicians and send exiled to the deposed president? Usually when they judge someone they are apprehended and locked up, they do not banish him directly.

    Failing that, if there really was an arrest warrant, why did not they let the so-called guy get off the plane and get him arrested? Maybe because he came with other presidents they could not have done it. then, for what to put the show.Le had closed the airspace and period.

    I am very sad to know the situation that they begin to live and I am worried about the message that the power groups (called from right) send. It would seem that once you have control of the armed forces, the rest must have you without care. Total, if someone does not like it, you can catch or kill, as appropriate.

    On the other hand: do these power groups really exist? or simply joined several heads and agreed to overthrow the president, after the old market lawsuit.

    Failing that: What would have happened if Zelaya's "popular survey" had been allowed and that, based on these results, the takeover by force had been postponed? I prefer not to imagine.

  3. Civil trucks with military or armed police or "for" military - or as they call them there - with their faces covered are seen on TV in Honduras.
    I hope people know whose fault it is. Neither of Chávez, nor the OAS, nor anyone outside ... that those who are "in charge" and take over - in the future - take full responsibility for their actions. No army from outside will invade anyone. Honduras - in my opinion - is already invaded and by Hondurans themselves. It's a shame. Good luck, really. I hope that what I think follows in these cases does not come. In case someone asks what I am thinking, there goes the list:
    - Violence, Fear, Deaths, disappeared, human rights violations, indebtedness of the country, economic concentration, private debt that is nationalized, entry of a couple of US monopolies, "sale" of public companies, precarious education, health and other social and public services, censorship, media control, social control.
    I wish I was wrong ...

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