PhotoModeler, measuring and modeling the real world

photo modeller

PhotoModeler is an application of EOS System, created with the SDK of LeadTools, of the best I've seen, allows you to create 3D objects and scenarios from photographs in the technique called photo modeling. Before I told them about an MD that works with Microstation, but in this case we are talking about a complete program that, apart from the modeling, includes scanner functionalities.

The procedure

The principle of the modeled photo is based on a kind of "reverse perspective", in which any taken photograph is considered to maintain certain perspective parameters that can be reversed for the construction of objects in three dimensions.

photo modeller

The basic geometries, with which most infrastructures are built, are simple geometric figures, such as parallelograms, cones, pyramids. If you can assign measurements to these geometries from lines, reference points and regular shapes that make up these geometries as rectangles, squares, circles or regular polygons then it is possible to create three-dimensional figures. As an additional fact, we add the faces that an object usually has (front, bottom, left, right, top and bottom) and known measures.

photo modeller

The result

The program includes the most common autoforms, with which you can assign a flat image, both points, faces, lines and of course distances for the object to take a real scale.

The more photographs you have, different angles, real measurements and high resolution it is possible to obtain better precision conditions. Although the program includes a wide range of features of the cameras or capture conditions that can be configured to obtain better results.

photo modeller

The next thing is just choosing what kind of visualization quality is expected, which ranges from vector lines to textures that can be assigned to surfaces. It is then possible to export to dxf for use with other commonly used programs.


These types of programs can be applied to:

  • Architecture
  • Preservation of historic buildings
  • Mining
  • Electromechanical
  • Modeling and animation 3D
  • Forensic science

According to the information, there are also some functionalities to work with orthophotos, which means that it could be used in photogrammetry, although it seems that it has not been its main clientele.

Modular scale

The application has at least three modular scales, ranging from $ 995:

  • PhotoModeler

In this are included functionalities of creating vector objects from photographs, as well as configuration of the properties of the camera and modeling of basic human figure.

  • PhotoModeler Automation

In this we add the capabilities of creating templates from models, to print the object in such a way that it can be reconstructed physically. It is also possible to automate some routines.

  • PhotoModeler Scanner

In this version there are options to create densified surfaces and more complex figures.

You can see more information on the PhotoModeler page, you can download a demo version, which includes examples and many features; although not all.

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