Dynamo course for BIM engineering projects

BIM computer design

This course is a friendly and introductory guide to the world of computer design using Dynamo, an open source visual programming platform for designers.

In progress, it is developed through projects in which the basic concepts of visual programming will be learned. Among the topics we will discuss the work with computational geometries, best practices for rule-based design, programming application for interdisciplinary design and much more with the Dynamo Platform.

Dynamo's power is evidenced in a variety of design-related activities. Dynamo allows us to:

  • Explore programming for the first time
  • Connect workflows in several softwares
  • Propitiate the activity of communities of users, contributors and developers
  • Develop an open source platform with constant improvements

What will you learn

  • Understand the concepts and potential of visual programming
  • Understand the workflow with graphic nodes within Dynamo
  • Process lists and external data sources with Dynamo
  • Create primitive geometries as work tools for more complex solutions
  • Use Dynamo to automate tasks within Revit
  • Use Dynamo to create generative and adaptive models in Revit

Course Prerequisites

  • General domain of Revit (type parameters and instances)
  • Mathematics and basic geometry

Who is the course for?

  • BIM modelers and designers
  • Architects, engineers and related technicians
  • Enthusiasts in BIM technology and visual programming

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