The coup happened

  • 4 hours without power,
  • No tv, no radio, no news.

The channel of government was conveying that the president had been imprisoned.

Then he stopped broadcasting, and all the radio and television channels left.

A few minutes later the air force planes made their foray.

11: 00 am. The supreme court of justice notified in a chain that the order to confiscate the ballot boxes had been sent.

11: 30 am. The Supreme Electoral Tribunal warned that it guaranteed elections for November of 2009

12: 35 The national congress read a written resignation from the president, saying he did it to maintain order. He notified that he accepted and delegated a commission to elaborate a project, and suspended the session for 10 minutes.

Internationally, there are confusing versions, because these models have not had the honor of formally communicating what is happening. Telesur is communicating that it is coup d'etat.

Apparently the letter of resignation is from the 25 of June.

12: 50 The president is notifying that he did not sign any waiver, which is a conspiracy.

Facebook seems to be the best means of gossip, as the media are more lost than usual

1: 00 pm, a downpour is falling in the style of La Mala Hora, the energy is not slow.

2: 25 pm, the congress accepted the resignation and as the rule of law says, the president of the congress takes over

The death of a deputy, a union leader who apparently opposed the arrest, is reported.

Then it is not a coup, which is constitutional succession because the president was acting outside the law.

Curfew, I'll be around ... as long as I do not get rid of the internet again.

thanks for waiting. There will be time to geofumar, with less pressure.

To read extremes:

The play is half chueca, there are many questions without answer from both ends that only history can clarify.

7 Replies to "The blow happened"

  1. What a pity now they are so dumb they are going to capture Mel when they let him go on Sunday

  2. Well the fault is honey and his cronies allied with the devil chavez plus the Honduran oligarchs ferrari, canahuati, facusse, nasser as they see all non Indians who have us in poverty that God will hold us together CONFESSED

  3. That you are well, my friend. And like John, let this happen soon.

  4. Hi, thanks for hanging Juan.
    There is a lot of confusion at the international level, for now I prefer to remain outside the illegalities of the former president, arbitrariness of his madness, coups d'état, no, not blows, constitutional succession, little charisma of the successor, etc.

    Because for the moment, the curfew after 9pm, the fear of being able to write what is freely thought, the fear that Chavez will invade Nicaragua, that the international community has many confusions of what really happened, And the priority on family security ... makes me think about what many friends have done in recent months: take out passports and visas for the family and look for other destinations ...

    But I want to believe that these countries have an opportunity to remake themselves, that these shocks serve to give people better opportunities ... and finally to let us work.

  5. Hello G!,

    I hope everything is fine for you and your family and this happens soon.

    A abrazo.


    Juan Manuel Escuredo

  6. Violent coup. That is what the Electoral Board did together with the Supreme Court of «Justice» and the Congress using the military (which in Latin America still do not learn that they are always the «Useful Idiots» of the coup plotters and then they are the ones who go to trial and to jail for violating human rights).
    Shame should have these people who use democratic institutions to give coups.
    America is going to turn its back on these fachistas groups who do not accept that their wealth can not be sustained in the misery of others.
    There are no Kings without subjects ... The truth is that the coup are very unintelligent if the only excuse they found was to declare a Popular Consultation illegal to see if a Non-Binding Referendum was done in the future to finally see if later, The Constitution could be reformed. Obviously they are terrified that the people express themselves. That is why today they want to impose terror. I wish there were no more dead ....

    Gentlemen, if a government is bad, then wait until next year (Zelaya has the mandate until the 2010), and vote another. And if the majority of your people choose the "bad one," it is what the majority wants. That is democracy.

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