The 5 states of matter

5 states of matter

Dear friends, I would have liked to release a poem that revolts my nostalgia, but it will be another day. For now enjoying a vacation that cost arrived, here some superficial details.

  • My daughter had her first course to ride a bike without support tires ... and I was there.
  • My son spent half a day exercising with the Wii Fit, I tried it but that animal tells me that I'm past 21 pounds.
  • I, eating chamomile tamalitos to taste, I expect a baked turkey and potato salad as I like, with apple. Listen to a few hulks, because here it is not forbidden yet and save space that tomorrow they will make a seafood soup of father and my master.
  • For the rest, sleep up to the 9 am to replenish the 6 weeks wakefulness. Get up to see that finally Francisco J returned the Gabriel Ortiz forum and enjoy a modem that connects with the least mobile signal.
  • The Aspire One is wonderful for this, and to play a little, trying ArcGIS 9.3, incredibly supports it with a lot of power this toy.

By the way, I wish you a merry Christmas.

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