Finally, I am free !!!

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It has been a very complicated month, all for wanting to leave administrative processes tightly closed. Today, after going to pick up the last package of messaging that was pending I have sat a moment to enjoy that feeling of having finished things well, and more to feel joy I have fallen nostalgia for what happened to me a long time ago . I went through an espresso coffee, and while that foam was pricked by half a spoonful of sugar I felt that feeling of my 8.4166666 junes.

The last two years had changed three times of location, from the village more hidden in the meanderings of the Araute River, after the army released its bombers eliminating any sign of life in the communities of El Tule y The roots.

After the bombing of the lunch, we left carrying the lightened suitcases to the weight that would allow the possible half-jog race, the passage underneath of cercos fences and jump of doors of bars. With the four dogs and one of the three cats we crossed the Llano de Vargas, following the signs left by a midnight crowd; there were sandals of rubber on the road, snatched up by the haste and mud to that group that dared to the Odyssey at night.

Looking back was like the story of the end of the Rey Bera, the smoke rose from the newly bombed houses, on the skirts of The Machetón, where Los Hernández, at the other side of La FinquitaBy El Trapiche. There was only the hope that these people would have had the astuteness not to have lunch inside their houses, because the airplanes turned the smoke of the kitchens into perfect targets.

So I came to a second house, the school had closed doors since June, after they killed the pretty-eyed teacher, they offered us base by ball and implored for mercy that we did not insist on going. The walls were stained with messages from the 28 February's Popular Leagues; in the gate a chain tied with sweet wire and the red cloth hanging on the flagpole said everything.

After almost three months of attempts, we finally reached the border, where we took refuge in a small house and, every afternoon, at 4 PM we were in the center of the bridge Goascorán waiting for my mother to arrive with the piece of paper that confirmed that the peace treaty between the two countries had been signed and could be entered. We made some 37 airplanes that we launched from the railing of the bridge, until the last page of my storybook was finished; I wanted to make one with the pasta but its hardness was about to make me a bartender.

Finally the answer came, just when there was money to eat for two days and for the transportation that would take us to the village called Gold Mines. I crossed the border with the only one of three suitcases that the police did not confiscate, with their pockets full only of the hope of a new country, new teachers, new politicians; I knew that the dead relatives could not recover, nor my collection of obsidian rocks, much less my book of illustrated stories.

Tan terrible ha sido the last month, that so shocking is the sense of freedom, 8 rickety post have made me feel idle, to the point that now I have president of readers with desire to build a union, hehe. Gone is this year with its hit of state, the economic crisis, the political campaign, the bad flavors of work in the field. A new one comes to do bigger things, with two technicians that I keep, of the best that this crisis did not take away from me and for those who would put my hands to the fire because I know they would do it (and they have already done so) for me.

Best of all, the 16 supervisors, who were taken out among 230 trained technicians, who for six months were being tested in their technical capacity, responsibility, ethical values ​​and fang live. Of them, at least 10, determined in their short ages not to leave pregnant girls or men with broken hearts in the inhospitable places where they were sent, proved to be made of the same wood of their instructors, willing to to wake up if necessary to make a cadastral close and fight until you find that dangle that Topological cleaning demanded.

There will be time to do big things with these guys in the next 25 years. Meanwhile, thanks for waiting 3 weeks for a reply, 4 days for new post and 1 minute for this entry to come to an end.

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  1. Sometimes I return to this post, a year later, I would like to be writing it again. I realize that one of the few times I have summed up my story in less than 600 words.

  2. I love it, I like the literary gifts you have. Man, as a human being, must be integral in his formation. The technical, the spiritual, the human, the everything ... must go hand in hand with a scientist, a technician.
    From this rostrum I give you the congratulations for delighting us with the experiences of your children, your work, your leisure, your hobbies.
    As stated in my forum signature:
    "As long as I have something left to do, I will not have done anything, Julio César." In your case, peace has come, but I know that because of concerns, the purring of themes, always hammering, is always there.
    I encourage you, although sometimes the silence seems the opposite, to continue writing since there are many of us who read you. Not always the answers or answers are index of the reaction of the reader, sometimes, the admiration cancels the reaction.
    Happy Holidays to all and that the next 2010 is better, how easy it will be, that this one that leaves us

  3. ... I hope to have the same satisfaction from you for finalized work, since we are in the middle of an information war and validate it (databases) is a total daring, among which I am a linguist instead of an analyst.

    I'm glad you rest, take advantage of it, treasure it (sorry for the forgotten tildes) and enjoy your children. They will already have 2010 geofumadas.

    Greetings from Chile

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