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Incredible things are happening in the world -She told Ursula-. Right there on the other side of the river there are all sorts of magical devices, while we still live like the donkeys. (One Hundred Years of Solitude)

It was years when he was in high school that a Nicaraguan engineer brought an 286 to the project's hold, with a monochromatic 15 inch monitor. I remember being amazed to see how the kardex could be carried on a screen of green letters that greeted with a Foxbase name, with shutters that changed pitch in response to the keyboard -No mouse-. Then I could see that my manual errors could be found easily, because the inventory was launched in almost a click, and only had to compare the outputs on each day to find which requisition went wrong ... all with a wonderful command called "From inventary".

Is not for you- Villavicencio told me, that was his surname. It's for Jorge. Who was the head of the warehouse and forms; a kind of literate man who by the scribbles he wrote seemed to have learned from the Egyptians, good in his intentions and to whom he was fondly called Barba Juca.

That device caused me so much curiosity, that I ended up in moments of solitude getting into the different routines that had been built in a menu of letters from a panel that opened without even showing the DOS console. I was not very aware of what some programs were for, many of them utilitarian, which is why I was forbidden to play the safe device for my pranks by making changes in Browse mode to see if updating the forms was dynamic.

That's been a lot of years ago, although my mania has changed little by knowing how innovative it can be in a technological toy that my fingers have not touched. It must be in the blood. When I look at this photo, it shows the first computer (One Pentium MMX) That I had at my disposal with the fruit of my sleeplessness brings me a mixture of nostalgia and satisfaction for how I enjoyed those days ... hence the ease of this post not stylized, inconclusive.

The girl who lights my eyes says that in that photograph there is magic. By then my son was the soul of the family, a Pelt 54 centimeters high, which went and came entangled in the modem cable that I crossed to connect to the Internet with the phone in the room. In that simple photo were concentrated the passions of my life, my son, the pen that my wife gave me, the used desk that we bought and the instrument with which I amortized the mortgage of my house during a time when the salary was insufficient.

This is life changing. So are the obsolescent technologies. Who would think that I would end up dedicating a good part of my free time to writing about what happens in this environment? And with what this has evolved, I still feel like hobbies to spend in the next two years ... for Mac style, for principles to Ubuntu, for OSGeo software conviction ... we'll see.

Yes ... several things have changed: from SAICIC I went to Neodata, from AutoCAD to Microstation, from Homestead to WordPress, from the desktop to the Ipad, from the hard drive to Dropbox, from the 64 kbps to 3G, my son stopped being unique to arrive the baby ... several things have changed, except the girl who continues lighting my eyes 14 years later, renewing my desk to make harmony with its details and my son who spends inventing how to modify textures and effects in emulated games.

Good times. Blessed are we who could see so much change, adapt and enjoy these creatures that changed the stereotypes we had of marriage.

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  1. How good that I found who gave shape to her wires and her heart because she is still the girl that illuminates his eyes .... In the same way to me causes me butterflies in the stomach the boy who looks at me with love.

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