4 years of Geofumadas, 4 lessons learned

1 year ago

Tried the Promark3 In Survey mode and also made the decision to integrate Geofumadas to social networks.

2 years ago

The terrible Honduras coup d'etat, All locked in their houses, sirens in the streets, riots and the president of hat in Costa Rica almost with the nuts in the air.

3 years ago

For the first time I did a review of Stitchmaps, a subject that I have returned to again and again. Tool that has solved the way -not the best- To obtain orthophoto in a context where more data are found in the street than in institutions.

4 years ago

Geofumadas was born with his First two post: The welcome greeting and a crude attempt to analyze how our Google Earth world changed.

Today ...

Geophysical After 4 years of writing I admit that I have learned many things, much more than others have learned from a post or a sustained topic. I take advantage before the end of the month, to take some reflections in an inaccurate format of the lessons learned, some of them temporary, others too basic but that together reflect my level of gratitude to four years of this effort, which unfortunately coincides with the departure of One of my best technicians To whom I wish the best.

Writing is a discipline that requires discipline.

Unlike being a columnist for a traditional magazine, writing on the Internet submerges inertially certain skills that can kill the time once intended for inspiration. Html, css, cms, seo, sem, p2p, rss, gpl, php are acronyms that should gradually be chewed, understand their usefulness and apply to knowledge management require discipline and patience, terms that are trite but in this environment they seem to the class of Structures III with Doctor Ferrera -Patience, discipline, one more than, with and without the other-.

This digital environment has led me to make decisions, try and make mistakes in the trends that have happened to Geofumadas. Nothing wasteful but painful in cases like the sacrifice to produce fresh content, all because a Spammer Found a gap and as long as you do not solve it the only way out is a dedicated channel.

But in the end, it is still a pleasure to write and the benefits of hyperlink, hosting and global access partially offset.

Readers are still there, do not despair

Every writer has at some point, when the peak of adrenaline is low, the feeling of knowing if there is someone on the other side reading or where their lines have gone. The traditional letters that arrived at the publishing house are now called comments, retweets, followers, backlinks, contact or sms.

Six months of dealing with social networks I have come to the conclusion that Twitter brings visitors, fleeting Like a tweet But many, Facebook grows slower but readers are more loyal, Linkedin is the best to find professional contacts

I must admit that in this Woopra It has been the best I have found. The hours that I enable the chat have shown me that someone is always there wanting to say hello, even if it's a courtesy. The integration to social networks is an appropriate means to calm down regarding the state of the readers. Partly because it facilitates the interaction, and then because it allows us to understand the thematic segments that they share and their qualitative interconnection value, more than the simple statistics of Google Analytics.

Writing is still a result of reading slowly

If there is something that does not change in this discipline, it is that the intellectual production is based on the reading carried out in practice. On this, there are certainly many broad philosophical issues, because little of that has changed in its essence but in its global implications.

Before it was read in the headlines of the newspaper, bibliographic cards or on the shelves of bookstores. Then we investigated by sitting down to read calmly and this act ended with the decision to take the book home or make a cut in the newspaper for our collection. Later, it was digested slowly, put into practice on a day-to-day basis and if it made creative efforts to add value to that knowledge.

The dynamics today is the same, with the volume variant. A glance at Flipboard in the row of the traffic light gives us clarity in what has happened, then leave on rssSpeaker and if something catches our attention we send to Twitter more to have it as a reminder. But global access carries the risk that there is little time to digest so much information and put it into practice, so it would be questionable if we are really reading or just listening to say what happens there.

With its cons, well-exploited technology has many more advantages than nostalgia of the past. Perhaps the results are obtained in the thematic specialization, also in the decision not to cross a border that disperses our ideas with the idea of ​​not losing the habit of reading slowly.

Innovation is now sustained in the community

Networking Opensource platforms are a clear example of how collective value is changing the way we do business, unlike other times that genius was a less shared privilege. The gvSIG phenomenon is one of those exercises that I have decided to carry out in a systematic way, because beyond being a computer tool it was planned as a movement with an invasive dynamic that to maintain and evolve before the new challenges will surely show us that the Hispanic environment has much to contribute to the world community.

We would like to see Leonardo Davinci in this environment, launching ideas for the community to question, improve and put into practice. Although in this there is much that we still do not know and do not understand, because it is a new phenomenon; if just today a solar storm destroys all the satellites that allow global interconnection or an earthquake that destroyed the main fiber optic nodes, we would say the same phrase:

"I have offended God and humanity because my work did not have the quality it should have had."

Leonardo Da Vinci

The interconnected community is one of the most valuable elements at this time. What happens is that their active involvement implies that almost everything is in Beta version, not because they lack little things but because their very dynamics forces it. That's why my point of view regarding social networks (Not all) It has changed a lot in the last two years. Out of the banal uses, it is the support of the global business model in the next 10 years at least in the technological environment -That is already a lot-.

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