Course of topography with total station


Just today we are starting a course with which we hope to take the cadastre technicians of the municipalities and mancomunidades to complement their training, which until now for priority reasons had been merely cadastral. The objective is that they can provide their services to obtain information that is necessary for the design of infrastructure station


The course is intensive in three days, weekend that involve some sacrifice for both the engineer who is covering the issue and 25 participants who stopped traveling to their homes to attend the event. As this day we will do two more events, as this first is aimed at those who have already used the total station under a cadastral approach, but also have sneaked a few that come from using conventional theodolite.

The experience is more than exciting, by the way it will test the new models of the Sokkia 630 RX, which already come with laser plummet and device for downloading USB data and SD cards. We will also see interesting things from the mixture of experienced civil engineers, long-distance cadastre technicians and pupils with a promising horizon if they are serious about studying a university career in the subject of territorial development.

After six months it is good to see all the human resources that make up my team, put together in one place, to share some of their experiences and to reduce the tenure caused by distance in interpersonal relationships and professional jealousy. A pity that next year I will have to tithe this group.

Returning to the course, on the first day, in the morning a refreshment has been made in the field to prove that the total stations that arrived at the event are in form, and that the participants give feedback on the use of the equipment. In the afternoon a theoretical theme about infrastructure is being covered, its usefulness for man to interact with nature in sustainable development and basic aspects that the surveyors should know; basically in what are roads, sewer systems and drinking water.

Then on the second day, Saturday will be field practice to build a section of road and on the third day a line of driving. As a digitizing tool it will be used Global Mapper for purposes of light sample in modeling, and Civil CAD On the third day, but only at level curves. Over time, mancomunidades can save a good amount of silver, which is often preliminary information and counterpart for the elaboration of project profiles with the cooperating organizations in this context. Also the knowledge accumulated in this day will make this resource open your mind to opportunities that only they can open in life. Place: Some place lost -Not that much- from Honduras.

Pr certain, finally I was able to get rid of the laptop and manage only with Blogsy

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  1. Best regards I am interested in this course, it will be in the 2017 that will be taught again
    where, schedules, thematic, and cost.


  3. which is the topography as is the maintenance of the total station sokkia set 630

  4. that if someone has knowledge about topography and want something we can also exchange ideas I am a student of the professional school of topography engineering and surveying of the national highland university located in the region of puno of the country PERU this is my email leave me a message

  5. ahhhh… and by the way the 630 RX doesn't need to be struggling with the transfer cable ... which sometimes it recognizes you and sometimes it doesn't.
    This model is another development

  6. interesting.the day that by the way was not to see soccer

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