Portable GIS Version 3, almost everything from a USB

The third version of Portable GIS has been announced, a tool we made Review three years ago, Just when 2 was released in July of 2009. By the way, I remember resorting to this in the days that the democratic crisis of Honduras forced us to work from our homes, and almost everything from a USB with the paranoia that anything can happen here.

I would have liked to see in this gvSIG 1.11 version but it seems that volunteering to work on this has not been enough. We miss in this version, which are no longer: uDig, Geoserver and gvSIG. Now it just brings Quantum GIS.

It is notorious that to make this version have been disenchanted with Java that is the platform on which these tools are built, have also reiterated that it will only run on Windows and does not bring the complete stack that came with apache / php / mysql. We understand that being Oracle's Mysql, it's better to go for PostgreSQL than we think with authority that has come to be in spatial databases and supplemented with PostGIS.

A pity with desktop tools, but this is sustainability in the technological field, you can not cover everything without running the risk of squeezing too little, much less when it is for altruism.

Portable gis

But, let's see what brings back Portable GIS 3

  • Quantum GIS 1.8.0, on that date was the version 1.02
  • PostgreSQL 9.0.6, previously had 8.4.01. This includes GRASS and that wonderful ability to export to Mapserver almost in one click.
  • PostGIS 1.5.3 in replacement of Psql Tools
  • MS4W 3.0.4 that includes Mapserver 5.6 and 6.0. I used to bring Mapserver but as FWTools libraries. Also by means of this way they solve OpenLayers that now can be called from Mapserver 6 ..
  • PgAdmin III now in 1.12.3 version, before brought the 1.10
  • Pyton 2.7, also before it came as a complement to the FWTools libraries
  • Also comes Loader, with which we suppose solve what occupies Pyton to manage KML / GML in the database PostgreSQL
  • GDAL and ogr always come as FWTools libraries

In general, it is regrettable that it does not bring the other tools mentioned at the beginning, but we think it is an interesting concentration of efforts with which you can build data, manage data and publish, although for this it has been necessary to stay under the line of C ++ language. Although the author has promised to include other things on demand, it would be nice if a stable version of gvSIG and Geoserver could be included, we hope that the bitch crisis in Spain does not prevent gvSIG from remaining positioned in this context.

Another difference is that now is for download from Dropbox, which complicates somewhat because the bandwidth is limited and becomes slow. If the charge becomes almost nil it is canceled and safe you have to try the next day.

It is clear that it is a tool not for production, but an interesting exercise.

From here it can be downloaded

Here is a Support forum

I expected in the article to include the revision of gvSIG 1.12 that has been announced as final, but in spite of my optimism I could not load add-ons because the add-on manager that shows broken access: http://gvsig.freegis.ru/download / gvsig-desktop returns an error message and with http://downloads.gvsig.org/download/gvsig-desktop for more than it seems to do everything, it does not update when restarting the program.

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