November, 3 major events of the geospatial field

In the month of will be carrying out at least three events that are sure to take some of my agenda ... and my vacation.

1 SPAR Europe

Spar europe

It will be in Holland, in The Hague on almost the same dates as Be Inspired

This event concentrates the innovators of the 3D technologies, especially in Europe where this is a very valid topic. Here the state of the industry is discussed, best practices are learned, ideas are shared through various business segments, and the solutions of the leading hardware manufacturers and developers of 3D image processing software are compared and rated.

Among the topics:

  • 3D LiDAR laser scanning
  • Photogrammetry 3D / 4D
  • SIG
  • Kinect
  • Indoor / Portable Mapping
  • Mobile Topography
  • Airborne LiDAR Point Cloud
  • Processing / Land Integration
  • Open Source
  • BIM
  • Web Exchange
  • Augmented Reality
  • Simulation
  • Display

And although they are not high priority issues in most of the Spanish-speaking countries, where technological implementation needs are more basic, we are honored to have been invited.

2 Be Inspired

Be inspired

For the third time it will be in Amsterdam, (a few hours from The Hague) in a somewhat select format that not everyone can attend but where they show the trends of what is doing people who implement Bentley technologies.

It will be from 12 to 13 in November. The list of the candidates for the award is not yet shown, but it will soon be known and for the trends of the year, where prioritization is framed in infrastructures and geoengineering, it will not be strange to see a couple of Southern Cone projects participating and more of some of Mexico.

On the second day of Be Inspired, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a series of interactive roundtables on key business and technology issues for the design, construction and operation of infrastructure assets. These focus groups include leaders of design and engineering firms and owner-operators, as well as Bentley senior management and subject matter experts, with the goal of fostering an in-depth understanding of the relevant issues facing the infrastructure professions and IT employment strategies to create new value and new business opportunities.
The themes for 2012 round tables are:

  • Asset Management Performance Reliability for Infrastructure
  • The delivery of Intelligent Infrastructure for Public Services and Transportation
  • Integrated projects (for construction)
  • Payment Information Modeling: Simulation / Analysis / MDO / Visualization
  • Integration in Data Acquisition

3. 8as International Conference gvSIG

winnerThese will be from the 28 to the 30 of November of 2012, they will take place in the Sports-Cultural Complex Petxina (Valencia - Spain).

The theme for this year: «Generating Future: Technology, Solidarity and Business»

The theme itself is striking, inspiration is the continuity of the 7as. Journeys, Since beyond being considered a "Taliban" position, the business model is walking despite obvious questions such as:

What does this have to do with solidarity with technology and with business?

Everyone knows that this solidarity has nothing to do with technology, of course unless we are talking about the thing this NGO. But what about the business? With the economy?

What does solidarity with the economy have to do with the exception of propaganda?

We have been listening for a long time and what is worse, suffering the recipes of these who know and who will surely mock us if we say that we believe that Solidarity has to be a fundamental value that guides both scientific and economic development .

Those who follow the model for some time will know that gvSIG always talks about a new model of development and production that allows you to produce more, better and in a fairer way. A model where solidarity replaces rivalry. And that in order to build this new model, we must attend to new ideas, new schemes, otherwise, wanting to build a new model in the old schemes will lead us to the most resounding of failures.

Good challenge huh It implies a change of thought.

The registration period is now open, which can be done through the form on the website of the Conference.

Registration is free (limited capacity).
At the end of October will be published the program of the Conferences, which will include presentations and workshops on gvSIG.

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